Posted by Charity on April 27th, 2006

Last evening, Mayor Kiss had his first monthly call-in show on Channel 17. I planned to watch it, but some how I managed to miss it. You can listen to the podcast here. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but I will post my comments when I do.

Peter Freyne also devoted much of his weekly Seven Days column to the new mayor. You can read that here.

7 Responses to “Kiss on Channel 17”

  1. Nice to hear him back off of the “universal healthcare” nonsense, or at least not to hear it brought up in the list of priorities.

    Also nice to hear the pension issue being addressed by an attempt to correct past mistakes (i.e. pension hikes), but attempting and accomplishing are two different things. Pensions need to be corrected across the entire City payroll, not just police and fire. The pension fiasco had better not become the taxpayers’ problem.

  2. I loved that he have Freyne absolutely nothing. He deserves nothing.

  3. He have freyne nothing? You has funny talk.

  4. I have absolutely no idea what “anonymous” meant, but I will add that Freyne’s column was particularly content-free this week, and his weak attempt at a Tarrant-slap was particularly childish.

  5. don't talk to me please
    April 28th, 2006 at 4:58 am

    Regarding Freyne’s column this week: Tarrant didn’t answer Freyne’s question. Dick shot off at the mouth about al frankin but couldn’t back up what he said. Then he got all huffy and puffy and demanded he get a new question. I bet deep down Tarrant wants to lose. He knows he can’t take the heat. If readers here really care about Tarrant, they should do him a favor and vote for Bernie.

  6. Freyne participated in the most junior journalist form of “gotcha,” used the results as half of his column, all after protesting that it didn’t matter that “ritchie (sic) rich”‘s campaign wouldn’t grant him interviews. Petulantly demanding verbatim quotes when you shanghai someone in a hotel hallway is ridiculous, and just made Freyne look like a desperate scrub.

    If Freyne cared about Bernie, he’d put his transparent pleas for a job with the Sanders organization aside and try to act like an actual journalist when covering the senate race. Or he can keep it up, and do for Sanders what he did for Clavelle in 2004.

  7. I have never written in before but would like to add that Peter Freyne is NOT a journalist by any stretch. He has never run across a Democratic butt that he didn’t want to kiss and I bet that his converstaion with Rich Tarrant got a lot unglier than he reported. He was a much better writer when he was a drunk.