Charity on June 9th, 2006

Sorry that I have not been updating much this week. First, I was out enjoying the sunshine with the kids before the fall weather set in. Then, for the past two days Blogger has been on the fritz. And today, I spent all of my computer time trying to integrate my She’s Right TV show web site into the blog.

As you can see, the side bar of the blog now contains all of the pertinent show info. The reason for this was (1) I always forget to update the show site and (2) now I can direct the web address here instead of to the show website. As soon as the domain registration company makes the update, you can get here using that address.

I will try to post over the weekend, if there’s anything that grabs my attention.

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  1. I just added a recent comments field in the side bar above the “archives” and below the “previous posts.”