Charity on June 19th, 2006

The news was out last week that President Bush’s advisor, and the mastermind behind his election and re-election, Karl Rove will not be indicted in the Valerie Plame leak wannabe-scandal.

I was relieved to hear the news, especially after the false story circulated the blog-o-sphere last month that Rove would be indicted.

What is interesting in all of this is the non-retraction made by even though they clearly ran a false story that Rove would be indicted. I guess I should withhold judgment at this point, since they did say there would be a “more comprehensive accounting of this matter on Monday, June 19.”

In the mean time, you can read a scathing excerpt from a Washington Post story all about the false story’s author Jason Leopold’s narcissism and his disdain for journalistic ethics. Ouch!

Back to Rove, I saw a PBS documentary about him a while back and the man is a total genius as far as political strategy (or strategery, as Bush says) is concerned. It was amazing to see the whole process from when he first met Bush up through when he led Bush to victory in the presidential election. Whether or not you like his politics, the man is impressive, to say the least.

I would hate to see someone I admire turn out to be guilty of breaking the law, so the non-indictment is great news to me.

I’ll think I’ll go watch the Rove documentary again to celebrate (I taped it, of course). On second thought, I’ll wait until we have actual confirmation from the Special Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald. You really can’t trust the media anymore!

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  2. Sorry about that, GiveTexasBack. It’s not a right-wing conspiracy, I swear. Click on the link above on the words “false story” and it takes you to an 802 online post that says “”.

    Incidentally, why don’t you type into your browser and see where it takes you. ;)

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