Charity on July 22nd, 2006

There are too many poor people. What is the government going to do?

There is not enough housing. What is the government going to do?

Too many people die because they are not wearing their seatbelts. What is the government going to do?

There are too many people who do not have health insurance. What is the government going to do?

What is the government going to do? What is the government going to do?

What happens when we as a society decide that it is the government that bears the responsibility for all of our problems?

What happens is that the government – those people who have made a living by controlling our lives and taking our money to pay themselves for doing it – thinks it has the right to run our lives.

What happens is that a judge can force a 16-year-old boy to pump his body full of chemicals that will make him sick, weak, and miserable because that judge does not respect alternative treatments, because that judge does not respect his right to make choices about his own body, and because that judge does not respect that parents - not the state - have first rights to decide their child’s care.

What happens is that social service workers and judges think they have the right to decide personal medical decisions for a child if they have a difference of opinion with the parents.

Abraham Cherrix has cancer, Hodgkin’s disease to be exact. He has gone through chemotherapy before and he does not want to do it again. This time, he decided to try an alternative therapy that involves an organic diet and herbal supplements, under supervision of a doctor in a clinic in Mexico. He did the research. He interviewed successfully healed patients. He convinced his parents to support his decision.

A county social worker did not support his decision and convinced a judge to give partial custody to the state. Cherrix remains at home but was ordered to go to a doctor or face a juvenile detention center.

Then yesterday, a judge ordered Cherrix to report for chemotherapy on Tuesday and give their consent to whatever treatment the hospital deems necessary.

WTF? That is all I can say. What country am I living in?

Wake up, people! It is NOT the government’s job to take care of us, help us, or run our lives! This is what happens when it does.

Next time you think I am so uncaring, naïve, or just plain wrong because I don’t think the government should be in the social welfare business, remember that this is why. Once we start giving the government our power, they will not stop taking it.

CNN article about the Cherrix’s story
Today Show interview with Abraham, his father, and their attorney
A Virginia newspaper story on yesterday’s ruling

The blog “Spunky homeschool” - where I first read about this

4 Responses to “What the government is going to do”

  1. That’s infuriating.

  2. This is the second such case in a short amount of time (thinking of the baby/kidney case out of Nebraska).

    Add these medical nightmares with the decisions being handed down via the Nineth Circuit Court in regards to public education and parental rights and it makes you want to run and scream. The question is, run where?

    What I don’t understand is the growing lack of personal responsibility that seems to be so prevelent lately. I saw it during Hurricane Katrina; I see it in Lebanon (help me leave, please and for free - despite the fact, I personally decided to vacation in a warzone).

  3. I can understand if something like this was to happen in communist China where the government can dictate everything from how many children you can have to what political views you can air in public, however, seeing something like this happening in the United States is rather chilling.

  4. Gratz for posting about this Charity!
    I first heard about this story on a fellow Liberty minded radio show -
    They usually read articles about liberties being stepped on around the country, and also keep us up to date on who is doing something about standing up for those liberties.