Charity on July 27th, 2006

My interview with Republican US Senate candidate Greg Parke on “She’s Right: the show” is available to listen to online here. You can download the MP3 or just click play on the little player graphic under the episode title to listen online.

Greg is a really fascinating candidate with a lot of experience that would be very valuable in the US Senate. I think he would make a great candidate against Bernie Sanders, if he had the support to pull off a good campaign.

If you are planning on voting in the Republican Primary, I encourage you to check him out. He offers an appealing alternative to the other GOP Senate candidate, what’s his name?

Oh, that reminds me, on an interesting side note, did you know that I have never seen or heard any of the notorious Tarrant commercials that everyone hates so much, except the one I chose to watch online. Isn’t that funny? I must live in a cave or something!