Charity on August 30th, 2006

I don’t have time to write anything right now, so I thought I would post up something I wrote in response to a comment left on this post on Burlington Pol. Nat Kinney said…The Second Amendment does not say that every yahoo has the right to own any weapon he or she wants. It says:”A […]

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Charity on August 30th, 2006

Fells is back with some posts over on “From the News and Sports Desk.” He told me in an e-mail that he will be posting more now, so I added him back onto the blogroll. His latest post is about what happened when he was on the scene of the Essex shootings. It is chilling. […]

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Charity on August 29th, 2006

I am in the process of moving “She’s Right” into a new template. There are still some things that I am trying to work out, so bear with me. Unfortunately, there is no “Recent Comments” at this time. I really hope to get that feature back soon, but I don’t have time to tweak the […]

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Charity on August 29th, 2006

Yesterday, the Republican US Senate hopefuls Greg Parke and Rich Tarrant faced off in what was their first debate, since Greg Parke was absent for the Channel 17/Mark Johnson Show debate. According to the Free Press story, the two were virtually identical, with the exception of the issue of healthcare. I was surprised to hear […]

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Charity on August 28th, 2006

I just returned from Channel 17 where I taped a show with Jess Wilson about today’s online debate over at Green Mountain Daily between the two Democratic primary candidates for Lt. Governor, John Tracy and Matt Dunne. It was a brief spot where we discussed the growing role of the internet in campaigns. The debate […]

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Charity on August 27th, 2006

On Friday, I received an e-mail from a leftie She’s Right reader asking me to give my opinion of the “attack ads” that Republican US Senate candidate Rich Tarrant has been airing against Congressman Bernie Sanders. I know you’re supporting Parke, but wondering what you think of the latest series of Tarrant’s Bernie-bashing ads? I […]

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Charity on August 26th, 2006

The early buzz has started about the need for gun control, as the region is reeling from the shootings in Essex. I know this is an emotional time and perhaps not the best time to expect logic and reason from people, but I too am emotional and need to rant. I am not going to […]

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Charity on August 25th, 2006

(Updated) WPTZ just had a live broadcast from the arraignment of Christopher Williams, who shot two teachers at Essex Town Elementary School yesterday, killing one, after killing the mother of his estranged girlfriend in her home. Judge Cashman, yes that Judge Cashman, sent Williams to the state hospital over strong objections from the state prosecutor […]

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Charity on August 25th, 2006

Yesterday, the Republican US Senate Primary candidates had their first debate. Unfortunately, my candidate in that race was a no show. Greg Parke was out of town at flight training school. The remaining two candidates – Cris Ericson and Rich Tarrant – did debate, though. I have yet to listen, but you can listen to […]

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Charity on August 24th, 2006

I usually like to have my own commentary, but Jeff says it so well, I am just going to give you a link to the post on Alphecca. You have to read this.

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