Posted by Charity on August 25th, 2006

Yesterday, the Republican US Senate Primary candidates had their first debate. Unfortunately, my candidate in that race was a no show. Greg Parke was out of town at flight training school.

The remaining two candidates – Cris Ericson and Rich Tarrant – did debate, though. I have yet to listen, but you can listen to the podcast here, or read a story in the Free Press about it here.

If you like listening to the Channel 17 podcasts, they have a bunch of candidate stuff. For a full list, visit the podcast main page here.

I am trying to get the house ready to start the homeschool year on Monday, so I might not get a chance to post anything about this today.

3 Responses to “GOP Senate Debate”

  1. Hi!
    I’m Cris Ericson.
    Thank you for posting the debate.

    Please visit my website at
    Cris Ericson

    You can also listen to a taping Stewart Ledbetter took of me on August 2, 2006:

    Cris Ericson on WPTZ

    Also, I want to complain that I have been sexually discriminated against a lot in this campaign and women need to make note of this because there are so few women in the U.S. Senate that we do not have equal representation under the law.

    The latest outrage is that Vermont Senator Bill Doyle,
    Washington County,
    invited Greg Parke and Rich Tarrant to a candidate forum Aug. 28th at
    Johnson State College

    From July 20th, 2006 to August 4th the Burlington Free Press online edition listed 2006 candidates

    I am listed as a Republican candidate for United States Senate at:

    Republican Party

  2. So how have you been sexually discriminated against, exactly?

  3. I feel sexually discriminated against. Just because. LOL.