Posted by Charity on August 28th, 2006

I just returned from Channel 17 where I taped a show with Jess Wilson about today’s online debate over at Green Mountain Daily between the two Democratic primary candidates for Lt. Governor, John Tracy and Matt Dunne.

It was a brief spot where we discussed the growing role of the internet in campaigns.

The debate is just now wrapping up. If you missed it (as I did, since I was at channel 17, then traveling home), you will be able to view the full transcript at shortly. There will no doubt be discussion there as well.

If you are looking for more Dem. Lt. Gov. debate action, check out the podcast of the channel 17 debate here.

Man, those people at Channel 17 are fast. The podcast is already up of the show Jess and I just taped. You can listen to it here. I am not sure yet when it is going to air. The Channel 17 daily schedule is here, but I will post dates and times when they become available.

One Response to “The Green Mountain Daily Debate”

  1. Snarky Boy’s got a great review of the debate. Click and read.