Posted by Charity on October 28th, 2006

Okay, this is the last thing I am going to post on the Lieutenant Governor race, I think. There are many other races I want to get into. (Oh, and Bob just came in with my absentee ballot! Yeah!)

Today the Burlington Free Press Editorial Board endorsed Matt Dunne. Their endorsement can be read here, although I am not sure for how long because the Free Press is kind of stingy with their web access.

I don’t put much stock in what they have to say, usually, but one line really stuck out.

It would be unfortunate, however, if he used the post to wage partisan skirmishes with a Republican governor.”

Kind of a negative thing to say in an endorsement, no?

Could it be that Dunne has indicated that he may do just that?

Why is Dunne trying to turn the Office of Lieutenant Governor into a more powerful position, only to use that power to set up a challenge to the governor?

If Dunne wants to campaign against Governor Douglas, shouldn’t he just run for governor?

With all of the tough problems that the state is facing, do we really need to have constant partisan battles being waged by the lieutenant governor?

Is this what Vermonters want?

Think about that when you vote November 7.

(Updated: If you don’t want to vote for Republican Brian Dubie, at least check out Progressive Marvin Malek.)

3 Responses to “One More Lt. Gov. Post”

  1. Our national debt rises by over $18,000 per second.

    We are spending over $120,000 on the war in Iraq every minute.

    So the Lieutenant Governor of Vermont makes $61,000 per year. Who gives a shit?!

    61K isn’t that much and it’s low politics to talk about salaries. Besides, if Dunne wins I guarantee he will attacked as a hypocrite on this very issue in the next election.

  2. Oh- Sorry about that. I thought I left that last comment at polvt. When I went back there and didn’t see it up, I figured it was a conspiracy. I was just wondering who left the one comment on this post when…DUH…It was me. I needs me a new tinfoil hat and a better compass. I must be gettin’ up there in blog-years.

  3. I was wondering why you posted almost the same comment on two different posts here.

    Wanna hear something freaky? I was just over at your blog ( and I got an e-mail, so I checked it and it was the comment you just left here.


    Don’t forget to vote Tensel for JP!