Posted by Charity on October 30th, 2006

I hope to get a longer post up later. I’ve been busy with Halloween preparations today. I am having a little party for the kids instead of taking them out for ticks and treats.

Burlington Vermont Daily News & Post

Kevin Ryan, who ran for the Republican nomination for Mayor in Burlington last election, has started a new citizen journalism-type group on Yahoo.

From Burlington Vermont Daily News & Post:

News and Editorial for Burlington, Vermont and the surrounding community. Feel free to add issues of interest or opinion! Tell us what’s on your mind and what should be on your neighbors’ minds!

This kind of site only works when people get involved. Click here to join.

Democrats for Dubie?

Here’s a quote from a Democratic State Senator about Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie’s work ethic:

STATE SENATOR DICK MAZZA (D-GRAND ISLE): “If anything, he worked as hard as any lieutenant governor I’ve worked with. I want to get the record straight.” (Associated Press, 10/29/06)

I guess that settles it.

Tensel For Justice of the Peace

I wasn’t going to plug myself on She’s Right, but when I got my ballot and saw that there are 42 people running for Burlington’s 15 Justice of the Peace positions and Tensel is second to last, I thought I would. I mean, hey, most people won’t even read my name, let alone recognize it, by the time they get to the back side of the ballot and read through 40 other JP candidate names!

Did you know that all 15 of Burlington’s Justices of the Peace are Democrats? Only you can change that. Vote for Republican Charity Tensel on November 7. If I win, you can get married by She’s Right!

6 Responses to “Just a Few Things”

  1. If you win, and are a JP, would you perform Civil Unions, if asked?

  2. Anonymous, obviously in my role as Justice of the Peace it would be inappropriate, not to mention illegal, for me to refuse to unite a couple based on their sexual orientation.

  3. A couple of years ago the local committee put me on the ballot, got their wires crossed in contacting me, and I never found out until Election Day! Was I ever surprised to see MY name there, 1 of 5. I didn’t even vote for myself; I knew I could never do the job (homeschooling a houseful.) The old JUP’s up here just say they have a prior committment rather than do CivilUnions. Remember that Town Clerk who appointed Dean as her assistant to handle her CU folks? Well, I am busy enough being Justice of the Peace in my living room full of children! I hope you get elected.

  4. Inappropriate, yes. Illegal, no.

    The CU law does not force any JP to marry anyone and gives people who have religious objection room to decline to perform Civil Unions.

    By the way, I’m glad that you hold Dick Mazza’s opinion in such high regard. I’m sure that he’s happy to have your vote.

  5. I can’t vote for Dick Mazza. I live in Burlington (Chittenden) and he represents Grand Isle.

    That’s funny that there can be a religious objection to Civil Union. It seems like a religious objection would have to be to any marriage, since they should be performed by a pastor, reverend, minister, priest, etc., not a JP. Anyway, I thought is was illegal.

    I probably would only marry people I know anyway. The only person I know who would need a CU, who doesn’t already have one, isn’t in a long-term relationship at this point.

    And like Allison said above, I too am busy being Justice of the Peace in my living room, so I probably won’t be performing extra duties, if I win. Which, I hope you realize, I won’t. As I said, all 15 JPs in Burlington are Dems. There is a reason for that. The people in Burlington do not usually vote for Republicans. Add to that the fact that there are 42 candidates and I am 41st, I am not expecting to win.

  6. Ok. Fair enough. Good luck with it anyhow.