Posted by Charity on November 17th, 2006

For those of you in the Burlington area – with Adelphia or Burlington Telecom – the She’s Right cable access show on Channel 17 is on live tomorrow evening – Friday – at 5:25 PM. It is a live call in show.

I plan to talk a little about the election and about the book Crunchy Con, by Rod Dreher.

A podcast of the show will be available and I will link to that when it is.

Speaking of Burlington Telecom, I just learned that my neighborhood is in the area that is already online, but because my neighborhood has buried conduit, we are not going to get service until who-knows-when. Three cheers for communist utilities!

Oh, well. I love Adelphia since they started offering tiered service and I could pay less than I was for broadband. Who ever heard of a cable bill going down?

2 Responses to “She’s Right on Channel 17”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on “She’s Right on Channel 17″. Just one question. With roughly 35% of CCTV’s money coming in from federal grant money, would it be considered a “communist utility” too? Or are the “communist utilites” just the ones you don’t use. You don’t seem to complain about the “communist libraries” that you admittedly use to educate your children, or the “communist snowplows” that will enable you to get there in the coming months. It must have been the benevolence of Adelphia Cable and their shareholders that enables them to recently offer tiered service in Burlington to reduce your monthly fee. There wouldn’t be a correlation between thier change of business practices and the initiation of a certain “communist utility” would there?

  2. Yeah, I was thinking that the Adelphia, which is actually now Comcast, change to tiered service might have something to do with the competition from Burlington Telecom. I don’t know though. They might be doing that everywhere now.

    I was just being facetious about the communist utility remark. I actually see some good in locally controlled municipal utilities. I go back and forth.