Posted by Charity on November 20th, 2006

I never got around to doing a post about my show on “crunchy conservatism” this weekend. Sorry about that. I will try to get something up this week. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is a busy week here at Tensel Academy. We take American tradition seriously here. That and we are traveling to my parents-in-law’s house this week.

Since I have little time to write this morning and my mind is filled with holiday preparations, I’m going to let others do the thinking and writing for me today.

First up is a Town Hall piece by Michael Barone. While it does contain some good points, this line almost made me cry.

To be sure, this is big-government conservatism. But who thinks we’re going to get rid of big government? Bush’s approach has been to enhance choice and accountability, to rely more on markets and less on government commands.

It’s the only realistic conservatism for America today.

Ugh! You have got to be kidding me. (Oh yeah, and the emphasis was mine.)

And in local blogging news, Bill Simmon, Cathy Resmer, and Philip Baruth are on Vermont This Week, this week. Here’s a post about it.

I wanted to have more links, but I really couldn’t find anything good to link to. Feel free to add your own suggested reading in the comments field.

Enjoy your Monday.

3 Responses to “Monday Morning Writer’s Block”

  1. I got this link from a local blog but I can’t remember whose, it’s a good read:
    Pissin g In The Liberal Punch BowlBy Joe Bageant

  2. Here’s a good link.

    But not if you’re in love with Odum.

  3. Snarky, you’ve done it again. Now I think it’s time to tackle Freyne and Philip “#579,629 on Amazon” Baruth.