Charity on November 29th, 2006

Kiss Goes Gun Control
Last spring, Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss brought up the issue of gun control in the city. The issue quickly died off … or did it? It’s back and Jeff over at Alphecca has the low down.

The Carnival of Homeschooling is Up
I know you’re curious. What is up with all those wacky, counter-culture freaks that homeschool? (Or is that sheltered, religious fundamentalists?) Get it straight from the horses’ mouths at this weekly homeschool blog carnival. (A blog carnival is a collection of links to blog posts with a common theme.)

There’s no post from me this week, but you can always catch up with the Tensel gang over at Crafty Mama’s Homeschool, should you so desire. (The link is always on the sidebar in the “About She’s Right” section.)

Burlington Daily News and Post
Kevin Ryan of Burlington is trying to get a collaborative news and opinion website going. Currently it is operating as a Yahoo! Group. Please join up and join in. There are a few screw-balls there right now, but in time it could shape up to be a good thing, if other people join in and participate.

Speaking of Yahoo! Groups
Do you all know about Freecycle? It’s a great place to give away your usable crap that is filling up your precious housing space stuff. You can also find nice free stuff for yourself if you are a cheap bastard frugal consumer. We found a decent table and chair set there and I have a boatload of stuff I need to post when I get around to it.

The Burlington group is here. If you are not from Burlington, check out to find a group near you.

Here at She’s Right, we always do our part to keep our cheaply-produced, Chinese goods out of the landfills.