Charity on December 31st, 2006

I finally moved She’s Right over to a Blogger beta (which is no longer in beta) template. It’s my new look for the new year. Actually, (1) it’s not the new year yet and (2) I will not be keeping a winter theme for the whole year.
Anyway, I have mixed feelings about the [...]

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Be sure to read part one and part two.
When I was first seeking God, I read a lot of stuff by atheists. I think I was trying to convince myself that He did not exist. I am not the type that likes to be told what to do. At that point in [...]

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(If you are just joining this discussion, you can read part one here.)
Another thing that atheists say often is that religion relies on a “blind faith” and a lack of questioning and skepticism.
I have to laugh when I read that. Let me repeat, I was raised by my mother to distrust and avoid religion. Anytime [...]

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(As you can tell by the title, I decided to break this down into parts. I have so much to say and not enough time to put it into one cohesive post, so I am going to take this in parts.)
For whatever reason, I read a fair number of things written by atheists. [...]

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Charity on December 29th, 2006

Lately, I have been reading the blog Five Before Chaos so often that I am going to have to move it up two steps from “Other Blogs that Link Here” to “My Daily Reads” in my blogroll, despite the fact that it is so anti-Christian that it contains a category named “Christofascist.”
I have been wanting [...]

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Charity on December 28th, 2006

Sorry that I have not been posting lately. I was hoping to get to post more now that Christmas is over and the kids are taking a little break from school, but now everyone is getting sick, so I have a whole other set of issues to deal with.
In all honesty, I have [...]

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Charity on December 26th, 2006

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (or a wonderful Monday, if you prefer).
I have little time to post today, but I just thought I would bring you this entertaining bit of left-wing propaganda, courtesy of our neighbors to the north.
I was looking at the TV listings for a Canadian network we get and [...]

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Charity on December 22nd, 2006

I just read that there are only 75 days until Town Meeting Day 2007. I don’t have the time to count right now, but that sounds about right.
To normal people, that is an eternity, but to us political junkies, well, we start thinking about these things now. Heck, we are already thinking about [...]

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Charity on December 20th, 2006

I am sorry that I have not been able to post lately. There are only five nights left until that fat guy in the red suit comes and my kids are going nuts – unless I keep them occupied continuously. I haven’t even had the time to post on my homeschooling/crafting blog with [...]

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Charity on December 18th, 2006

The podcast is now available of Friday’s “She’s Right” show about “Feminists for Life.”
If I sound out of breath in the beginning, it is because my husband got stuck on the interstate on his way home to stay with the kids while I went and did my show. I literally walked in, sat down, [...]

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