Posted by Charity on February 20th, 2007

This past Saturday was the one year anniversary of She’s Right. I meant to do a post, but I never did one (as you can see).

For some reason I haven’t felt like blogging lately. I haven’t really been reading blogs much either. I just don’t really care that much. There is so much going on in the world that matters more than what a bunch of ideological political hacks are hollering down the echo chamber.

Ugh, I hate feeling like this. I want to get excited about blogging, but it isn’t doing a darn thing for me. It’s really weird.

I saw Joan Shannon in the library today and I remembered that I missed the City Council debates on Channel 17 last night – for my own ward! I – a person who loves politics so much that in college, I would get up early Sunday morning, even after going out and getting totally plastered the night before, just so I could watch Meet the Press – missed the City Council debate for my own ward. I didn’t even tape it.

Luckily, Channel 17 re-airs those things multiple times.

Anyway, I am posting this because I feel like I should post something. I mean, you guys care enough about what I have to say to take the time to stop by, so I should at least have the consideration to post something, right?

I’m hoping to be out of this funk soon. Bob’s computer parts came in today (shhh, he doesn’t know yet), so he will be able to fix our computer. I have been staying off it because the fan on the power supply is about to kick the bucket and I didn’t want to tempt fate. (We got a new, bigger hard drive for him to install, too.) Once he gets things running again, I am sure that I will fall right back into my internet addiction and you’ll have plenty of reading material.

In the meantime, if some one knows of anything that is happening that will get me excited about politics again, please let me know.

2 Responses to “She’s Right Turns One”

  1. This political hack misses coming over here and reading something to holler at!

    I know what you mean about the blog blues. Sometimes you just don’t have anything to say, but you feel like you should. It’ll pass.

  2. Thanks for the love, JD.