Posted by Charity on February 23rd, 2007

A while back, Jeremy Ryan posted a comment asking me what I thought about Congressman Ron Paul, as a Republican presidential candidate. I never got around to posting about that.

Today, I read a great piece, “Ron Paul, the Real Republican?

It begins,

When you read about a vote in Congress that goes something like 412-1, odds are pretty good that the sole “nay” came from Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas. He so consistently votes against widely popular bills, in fact, that the Washington Post recently gave him the moniker “Congressman ‘No.’”

Paul isn’t a reflexive contrarian–he doesn’t oppose just to oppose. Rather, he has a core set of principles that guide him. They happen to be the same principles envisioned by the framers of the U.S. : limited government, federalism, free trade and commerce — with a premium on peace.

When most members of Congress see a bill for the first time, they immediately judge the bill on its merits, or if you’re more cynical, they determine what the political interests that support them will think of it, or how it might benefit their constituents.

For Paul, the vast majority of bills don’t get that far. He first asks, “Does the Constitution authorize Congress to pass this law?” Most of the time, the answer to that question is “no.” And so Paul votes accordingly.

Take a look at the rest.

I think Paul sounds great. I don’t see him running away with the nomination, but as the writer of the column suggests, I agree that he could bring discussion of some issues and positions that are long overdue for a discussion, especially within the Republican Party.

2 Responses to “The Real Rebublican?”

  1. Glad to hear he’s running; Ron Paul is Awesome.

    He’s probably the only person in congress on either side really telling it like it is when it comes to why American economic policy doesn’t work for Americans.
    - YouTube Ranting on Economics, fed, Greenspan, etc.
    - Abolish The Federal Reserve by Ron Paul

    He’s also been warning Congress about war with Iran.

    It’s going to be a blast to see him in the primaries.

  2. Thanks for the links. Interesting stuff.