Posted by Charity on February 28th, 2007

Steve West, of 1490 WKVT‘s “Live and Local,” who had Odum on his show to talk about the Second Vermont Republic issue, has a post on his blog about the whole mess. Check it out.

Speaking of Live and Local, which is out of Brattleboro, they are doing a Burlington show featuring local area political bloggers/alternative media folks. VDB has more.

Check out that line up, huh? Should be interesting.

Special Guests include Alex Ball (Rip and Read), Haik Bedrosian (Burlingtonpol), Peter Freyne (Freyneland), Neil Jensen (What’s the Point?), Cathy Resmer (802 Online), Bill Simmon (Candleblog), Charity Tensel (She’s Right), Shay Totten (Vermont Guardian), and of course, VDB.

I hear they plan to tie me to a chair and make me watch An Inconvenient Truth. He he.

10 Responses to “More on Odum…”

  1. Anybody have anything relevant to blog about this morning? Or do we have to pour over posts of this silly GMD v SVR drama??

    If I wanted a soap opera, I’d have turned on the TV.

  2. Did you have anything relevant to say this morning? Didn’t think so.

  3. I assume you are talking to anonymous, JD. :)

  4. j.d.

    yes I do. there was a very emotional and informative hearing at the statehouse last night on the topic of doctor assisted suicide.

    that’s about a million times more important than your goofy little blog.

    let’s talk more about that and less about your crazy little drama.

  5. Yeah, I was talking to ‘anonymous’, Charity.

    Well, enlighten me then, and point me to your blog where I can read about it and have the scales removed form my eyes and release myself of the ability to just ignore things I don’t want to read instead of making stupid comments about them. Why would you be wasting time at my ‘goofy little blog’ anyways?

  6. I don’t waste time at your goofy little blog.

    I predict GMD will be dead within six months.

  7. And Snarky Boy, posting anonymously, will deny the above post is him…..and what has he got to lose? Whether as “anonymous” or “Snarky Boy” the coward’s shield of anonymity spares him the inconvenience of having to own his own statements.
    I await the dismissive, contemptuous denials.
    It’s really, really easy to make statements like that when you don’t have the stones to own up to your identity.
    In the immortal words of a noted Democratic consultant in an email to me, which passage he has given me his blessing to use and attribute as I see fit:
    I hate doing the ****ing internet. Once in a while I’ll get a good idea from some blog that somebody sends me, but I despise the fact that a (coward) can go on line, say some $#!+ about you, use some bull$#!+ name, and you can’t find him to kick his a$$. MUDCAT
    I know of people like that.

  8. oh, threats of violence. nice. very nice.

    what’s next? spitballs?

  9. since you know who i am, then you have the ability to find me and kick my ass.

    What are you whining about?

  10. I heard somebody make the argument the other day that all this anonymous posting is reminiscent of the days when the Federalist Papers were published…anonymously.

    But frankly, I’m getting just a bit sick of people who smear and run.


    I think that what the group is REALLY planning is to tie you in a chair and make you listen to bad Governor Douglas impersonations all night.