Posted by Charity on March 28th, 2007

The father of the kid who works at Channel 17 during She’s Right was there when I did my show on Crunchy Cons. After, he told me that he now has a label for himself – Crunchy Libertarian. I like it. Crunchy Cons tend to lean authoritarian, as much as I like Rod Dreher and all.Anyhoo, I read this post on Asymmetrical Information today about supporting BK because they have gone cage-free. I like the last “clipped” quote the best.

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If you care about animals, I heartily urge you to support their action by switching to BK for your fast food needs. Sure, the fries suck . . . but so do McDonalds’, now that they’re free of trans fats, tallow, beef flavor . . . and any detectable texture or taste. BK’s burgers are better anyway.

And if nothing else, you might save capitalism, by illustrating to environmentalists that markets can solve problems, as well as create them.

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3 Responses to “A Crunchy Libertarian Two-fer: Saving Animals and Capitalism”

  1. Whoa, The second quote is what Deep Economy is about.

    Check out this excerpt: Why Having More No Longer Makes Us Happy.

    I like the clipmarks.

  2. So yeah, how does that clip thing woork, do you just copy stuff into it and when you’re done it just puts them together?

    Yeah, it’s great when BK decides to fix a problem they helped contribute greatly to in the first place. Ain’t a reason to eat their shitty food though.

  3. Yeah, I hate fast food and I will not eat commercial beef.

    The clipmarks is a button you can download on your browser, IE or Firefox (Firefox rules!). When you find a page you want to “clip”, you click the button, then you can use your cursor to select the text, pictures, or videos you want to clip. Then it saves to your clipmarks account. At that point you can choose “clip-to-blog” and write your title and text for the blog post. It puts the clips together in the one box with the link to the site they came from.

    It’s pretty neat.