Posted by Charity on March 28th, 2007

Lately, these redbox DVD rental kiosks have been popping up in Hannaford stores around here. I am not sure where else they are, but according to the website, there are redbox locations across the country.

You can use the redbox two ways: walk-up rental or online rental. The movies are only $1 per night, due back by 7PM the following evening.

The first time I used it, I did the walk-up thing. The machine has a touch screen which you use to see what movies are available. One caveat, do not look at the display outside the machine for what titles are available. It is a huge disappointment to get on the machine and see that they are out of the title you want.

So, I rented a movie for the kids using the free rental code that I received via e-mail by visiting the website. You have to swipe a debit or credit card, so you can be charged if you never bring the movie back.

When I brought the movie back the next night, the machine was down. I brought my movie to the customer service desk and the woman said she had a call in to the redbox company and she would tell them about my movie so I wouldn’t be charged.

As I expected, I was charged for an extra night. I e-mailed the company explaining the situation and within minutes I received a refund. The customer service was first rate – a big plus in my book.

Today, the kids wanted a movie, but I did not want to get there and have it be out, so I went online to and rented it online. That secures the rental, so it is in when I go to pick it up. I am charged at the time of online rental, so if I don’t go pick it up, I lose my dollar.

At the redbox kiosk, all I did was select the “online rental pickup” button, swipe my debit card, which was given online, and out popped my movie. If you love technology and gadgets, you will likely find this experience enjoyable.

Overall, I found redbox to be a fun and easy way to rent a movie at the grocery store. The major drawback for me was that they seem to be limited to new and recent releases, which is not really my thing, but the kids found a lot of selections they liked.

If you like to rent DVDs, I recommend getting the code for a free rental and trying it out.

No, I am not being paid to do this. If they do pay me, I’ll be sure to let you know.

4 Responses to “Redbox: A Review”

  1. Have you tried Netflix? They have every movie in existence, no late fees, and you only have to go to your mailbox….

  2. No, we are not big movie renters. Partly lack of time, partly lack of extra money. We usually only rent for the kids once and a while, or get movies for them from the library.

    My mom used to do Netflix and she was always trying to get me to join.

    We might try it sometime, though, so that we can rent the past seasons of 24, which we just started watching this season.

    I almost mentioned Netflix in the post. There are a few of us left who do not belong… yet.

  3. Nice review Charity.

    I’ll give it a try.

    But I won’t rent movies by Stalone, Arnold or Mel Gibson. I don’t support Republican extremists.

  4. Have you tried The New Release? They have a much larger selection. Plus, if you have the kids with you, all of their kiosks are in grocery stores (one less stop). Here is their site – (

    Hope this helps.