Posted by Charity on March 29th, 2007


Last night was the night that the global warming “denier” S. Fred Singer spoke at UVM. The Free Press has an article about it.

I was not able to attend. I was hoping to go and blog about it, but that didn’t work out.

Here’s a quote from the article (emphasis mine):

In an interview before the discussion, Singer said his organization, the Science & Environmental Policy Project — whose mission it is to “clarify the diverse problems facing the planet and, where necessary, arrive at effective, cost-conscious solutions,” according to its Web site — has received a one-time grant of $10,000 from the Exxon Foundation, which he said was unsolicited, and wishes had been more. He said it came after he started researching and writing skeptical pieces about global warming and called the accusations about him on the Web lies.

If anyone went, be sure to leave your comments, for or against.

Blog note: I will be out most of the day, so I will not be able to reply to comments until later.

Addendum: I was thinking after I posted this that I really need to do a post that clears up my views on environmental issues. On the one hand, I am a “Crunchy Con” of sorts, but on the other hand, I am not a member of the Church of Global Warming. I will explain why in a post tonight or tomorrow. I mean it. This is not just one of those times that I say I will post something and never do it. Really.

One Response to “Singer at UVM”

  1. A quick google search shows that Singer has gotten a lot more than $10,000 from Exxon Mobil.

    Over the years he’s gotten many, many tens of thousands from them.

    I don’t know why he (or you) would try to hide that — unless he wasn’t proud of the association — unless he understands that the connection between him and the biggest oil company on earth makes his research hightly suspect.

    Also, Singer’s work isn’t peer-reviewed.