Posted by Charity on March 30th, 2007

Jeremy Ryan has an interesting post about the Iraq war spending bill and some harsh words for the Democrats who voted for it. Ryan also notes that Ron Paul (Republican Presidential candidate) voted against it. Who says Republicans have no principles?

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The Democrats packed $21 billion in pork in the bill to win Democrat votes. Some examples include $200 million to the dairy industry, $74 million for the peanut farms, and $25 million for spinach farmers. The bill also includes $2 billion in unconstitutional foreign aid, including $500 million for Lebanon and Eastern Europe.

It appears to me that the democrats are not really different from most other republicans in that they both see great opportunities to get their pet projects funded by war. In reality, I don’t believe that the democrats (Sanders and Welch included) really want the war to end, as long as they continue to get huge subsidies for all their pet projects and donors to their campaigns.

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