Charity on March 26th, 2007

I just wanted to do a quick post about the Burlington Intervale land sale. I did not really follow this issue as closely as I could have, or should have, even, but I did want to let people know that it is on the agenda tonight for the council to discuss an amendment to [...]

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Charity on March 22nd, 2007

Members of Burlington’s Board of Health will appear on Channel 17 Town Meeting Television’s “Live at 5:25” call-in program on Thursday, March 29 from 5:25 to 5:55 p.m. The program topic is “How to Communicate with the Board of Health.”
This initial program, part of a series of programs, “To Your Health,” will introduce residents [...]

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Charity on March 22nd, 2007

I actually read something in the paper this morning that I was not expecting:

In a vote that surprised people on both sides of the issue, the House on Wednesday defeated a bill that would have allowed doctors to help terminally ill patients hasten their deaths.
The 82-63 vote, which came after almost four hours of debate, [...]

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Charity on March 21st, 2007

I just spent my second day in bed. I am online for a minute to see if anything earth shattering happened in my absence.
My conclusion: The only post worth seeing is this one, keeping things in perspective, that is.
I will be back, as soon as I am better, with an original post.
Okay, back to [...]

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Charity on March 19th, 2007

I’m sorry for the link posting, but I am yet again (what is this the tenth time this season?) battling a stinking cold.
Wondering what the legislature has done to fix education spending (and property taxes) this session – one of their campaign promises?
Vermont Tiger has the low down and it’s not pretty.
As one of my [...]

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Charity on March 19th, 2007

I don’t normally read Town Hall (it’s just gotten too big), but I do get the daily e-mail summary of the day’s columns, which I usually look at. I thought this was worth mentioning – former Majority Leader Tom DeLay speaks out in an excerpt from his book, No Retreat, No Surrender: One [...]

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Charity on March 17th, 2007

The History Channel has an interesting (and short) online video about the history of Saint Patrick.

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Charity on March 17th, 2007

Speaking of global warming, I received this e-mail yesterday:
Great Spirits Seminar Seriespresents

S. Fred Singer, PhD
1500-Year Natural Cycle or Disaster Of Our Own Doing?
A look at the science and politics of global warming

With Opening Remarks from William R. Sayre, Economist, formerly with the Federal Reserve

March 28, 20077 p.m.University of Vermont Ira Allen Chapel
Are we to blame [...]

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Charity on March 16th, 2007

Here are the related links from this evening’s She’s Right show on Channel 17:
Burlington City Election Results
Burlington School Budget Information
Education Funding Proposals, from the blog Vermont Tiger (These are the proposals that I touched upon, but ran out of time to discuss):
Art Woolf
Walt Freed
Thanks for watching She’s Right.
I will link to the podcast when it [...]

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Charity on March 16th, 2007

You know, after reading about Rep. Stark coming out of the closet on his atheism, or at least lack of belief in a supreme being, I started thinking about courage. I mean, it must have taken a lot of courage to come out as an atheist in this day and age of atheism persecution [...]

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