Posted by Charity on April 3rd, 2007

Argh! I have a couple of good semi-composed blog posts that I am dying to finish, but I hurt my knee really badly yesterday and I am going to be spending most of the day away from the computer.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to blog later. Maybe I can have my husband set up his laptop so I can blog in bed (the ultimate luxury), if he comes home from work this afternoon.

Fear not, I have a great link to occupy your time. The blog Principled Discovery has started a Carnival of Principled Government.

In celebration of Liberty Day, coming up March 16, 2007, Principled Discovery will be hosting its very own blog carnival: The Carnival of Principled Government. Entries should uphold the founding principles of the United States, either directly or indirectly and may focus on historic or current events, trends or ideas. The specific principles are outlined in the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers and our other founding documents. The basic principles are:

Representational government
Unalienable rights (life, liberty, property)
Limited government
Local control
Personal responsibility

This isn’t exhaustive. My readers who also use the Principle Approach will undoubtedly think of several (at least seven) and they are all relevant.

For anyone who does not normally read this blog and is unsure where I am coming from, this entry probably best summarizes my views on the relationship between the individual and the state as conceived by our founders.

The 2nd Carnival of Principled Government, Axioms of a Free Society was posted last week. Check it out.

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  1. Thanks! And I hope you plan on submitting? This next one is a bit light on entries at the moment…I’m assuming because of the holiday.