Posted by Charity on April 4th, 2007
It’s about principles, you idiots. Say it. Do it. And believe it. And as George Bush has tragically shown, people will actually vote for that kind of consistency. Moreover, voters will NOT vote for a crew that says they want to solve health care and then won’t even introduce legislation to address it; that says they believe Bush has trashed the Constitution and committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the people but won’t allow impeachment resolutions to even have a vote (Thanks, Gaye); that talk about high school taxes but throw a party when they get so much as a hint that they can “go slow” on the issue; that talks a tough game at election time about stopping the war but then vote to give the same president they’ve called a criminal more than $120 billion to just carry on.
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I clipped this from Snarky Boy (see blogroll) the other day, but never got around to blogging it. This clipmarks thing is very cool.

This snippet reminded me of something I heard on some TV news talk show that I don’t know the name of, said by someone who I also don’t know the name of. That was helpful, huh?

What was said was that Republicans tend to vote for someone who stands firmly on principles – even when they don’t agree with the principles – rather than vote for someone who changes with the political winds.

Interesting, I thought.

Last election, there was a lot of unrest on the right. Many right-wing commentators, this blogger included, were disillusioned with the GOP because they failed to stick to their principles.

There is little doubt in my mind that the Democrats will do (are doing) the same thing. I wonder who people will vote for then.

Perhaps the GOP rebirth is closer than we think.

18 Responses to “It’s About Principles”

  1. What was said was that Republicans tend to vote for someone who stands firmly on principles – even when they don’t agree with the principles – rather than vote for someone who changes with the political winds.

    Isn’t that the truth! I was just telling my dad the other day that I could stomach McCain and all that he has said that I disagree with if I thought that we was following what he believed. But he seems to point whichever way the wind blows. I’d much sooner vote for someone I disagree with who seemed to act according to conviction. At least then you know what you are getting and I trust that they do have the best interests of the people in mind, even if I disagree with how to go about achieving those goals.

  2. GOP rebirth? They’re still in their death throes and have yet to hit rock bottom. What are you smoking? ’08’s gonna be a bloodbath.

  3. And further, the GOP pres roster is a who’s who of principle free candidates. McCain, who once was dismissing Falwell etc as ‘agents of intolerance’ can’t bend over far enough for the religious right. Romney was rpo gun contol, pro gay until he decided to run fro President (joining the NRA this last August).. Giuliani… jeez, don’t even get me started. The only one standing strong o principle is Brownback, but he’s too much of a far-right whack job to appeal to anyone but the fringe.

    Can’t say I feel sorry. ‘08 is going to be the GOP’s ‘Dukakkis’ year. And the GOP did stick with thier prinicples. Problem is their so-called ‘principles’ don’t jive with reality too well.

    And so they are going to be wandering the political wilderness again for the next two decades, and will continue to do so until they stop being the party that panders to mega corporations, racists, and fundie whack jobs.

  4. You don’t know me, but I’m an average stay-at-home mom of three living up here in NH.

    I am not religious. I do have a Master’s degre, and before having children, had a decent career as an academic librarian.(librarianship is left leaning – and the ALA is really really left leaning). As an undergrad I belonged to the College Republicans, and campaigned for George H.W. Bush. (the ‘88 run)

    I am now registerd as an Independent, but lean toward the libertarian with a strong does of conservatism (NOT Republican).

    I am by no means part of the lunatic fringe, and I like Sam Brownback. However, I also think the guy doesn’t have a chance – simply because he has principles.

    IMHO (and I do mean humble), people (and I do mean that generically) want someone that will make them feel good, safe, taken care of, etc. And what we see are a whole gaggle of candidates who are twisting and bending over backwards to be what everyone wants at any given time.

    2008 is going to be a nightmare.

    –Mom in NH

  5. I will agree with you that he is indeed principled, but those principles are way too conservative for the majority of Americans.

    Nightmare for the GOP, absolutely. For the rest of the country it will be like waking up from a nightmare.

  6. Actually, I think the Americans as a whole are much more conservative than the media or liberal pundits would have you believe.

    Until we get away from this two party system, we won’t have any true choice for elected officials.

    A nightmare? We’re in it – Pelosi is Speaker of the House – and NH’s only two Congressional reps are both DEMs- and they certainly don’t represent me!

    (this was actually longer and better thought out- but I lost it twice trying to post – ugh – tired of typing)

  7. How are things worse under Pelosi than they were before? There’s finally accountability and grown-ups in charge.

    Actually, I believe most Americans are somewhat moderate. It’s jut that conservatives are always running against the nature of human progress (which is more secular, and more inclusive), and therefore are more angry, and louder. I don’t think there’s necessarily more of them. If there were, we’d be living like the Taliban now.

  8. Principles are good.

    Like when you boast about what a great environmentalist you are and how you always eat organic and what a friend-of-the-earth you are … and then promote Fred Singer who is bought and paid for by the Exxon Corporation — and deny that there is any reliable research showing the negative effects of CO2 emissions on the earth’s atmosphere.

    Yea … principles … they are important.

  9. I don’t know why I even bother engaging with you, Anonymous 3:58, because you are obviously nothing but a troll, but I will have you know that I do have principles: the power of the government should be limited.

    I see no contradiction between that and anything else I have ever said.

    BTW, I am by no means a great environmentalist. I said myself that I care about those things for selfish reasons, ie my health.

  10. “If there were, we’d be living like the Taliban now.”

    Give me a break.

  11. Oh, and it’s funny JD how, when you were running down the lack of principled GOP candidates, you left out the two candidates that I like, who are running for the GOP nod: Thompson and Gingrich (in that order).

    And Ron Paul is as principled as they come when it comes to a governing philosophy, but he’s not a top tier candidate.

  12. “There’s finally accountability and grown-ups in charge.”

    How? There’s no demonstrable increase in accountabilty. And as for the comment on “grown-ups in charge” – that’s just a mean ad hominem.

  13. “2008 will be like waking up from a nightmare” WOW! Sounds like someones been drinking the Democratic party kool-aid.

    The next president is just going to be another asshole bought and paid for by the corporations.

    Principled candidates are always said to have problems with “electability” whatever the hell that is.

  14. Gingrich is a racist ideologue who doesn’t have a batshit’s chance in hell, plus he’s ethically challenged in so many ways, I didn’t even see it worth a mention.

    Anon.. no increase in accountability? Are you even paying attention to anything going on in the Congress right now? For the first time in 6 years, they’re not bending over for Bush…

    Charity, you ever think about stopping anonymous postings? I can’t tell the smart ones from the assholes. Although one of ‘em did have you on the Singer thing.

  15. This is the Mom in NH and I’m signing in as anon. b/c my google sign links to my family blog – and I really don’t want that shown. So, I’m not sure if you consider me to be one of the smart ones or an asshole. Although I have an idea which one you think I am.

    And I was the one about commenting about accountability. And I am paying attention to Congress. Thank you very much. However, not agreeing with Bush is not the same as being accountable.

    Also, being more secular does not make one necessarily more inclusive. In fact, an argument can be made that secularism is its own kind of religion, and also exclusive. But right now I’m tired of typing. (I admit a lame reason, but it’s true)

    However, I think that all politicians are suspect, and are not to be trusted — regardless of where they fall on the ideology meter. Obama doesn’t love me or care about my family any more than Brownback does (which is not one whit!). I’m also discovering that it’s the state and local level politics that really effect me and my family. The majority of my concern, worrying, and lobbying is done on that level.

    –Mom in NH

  16. Obama doesn’t love me or care about my family any more than Brownback does (which is not one whit!). I’m also discovering that it’s the state and local level politics that really effect me and my family.

    Can’t say I disagree with any of that, but secularism is no religion. We don’t believe in anything supernatural, an afterlife, anything like that. The notion that there’s some being out there in the big universe that actually cares about us anymore than Brownback or Obama is laughable. And, no, the strong support we have of the scientific method is not the same thing.

  17. Ooooh, yeah j.d., That “grown-up” San Fran Nan is doing a bang up job with her trip to meet that butcher in Damascus. And let’s not forget her attempts to procure a 757 jet for her frequent trips back and forth between the Bay Area and the Beltway. You of all people, being a member in good standing of the Church of Global Warming, must have something to say about the carbon-spewing jumbo jet that friend-of-the-environment Nancy Pelosi wanted to use as her personal cross-country taxi.

  18. Ok… first off, she ran that visit by your Glorious Leader, he didn’t have a problem with it, probably kept his mouth shut becuase he either didn’t know what ‘Syria’ was or saw how he could try to make a story about it. And a Republican was on te trip with her. And the week before 3 Repubs went to Syria. So what’s your point on that one? Did you raise the same objections whenHastert went to Indonesia a few years ago and told the people there to not even bother dealig with CLinton – to just deal with Congress directly? I bet that one got you real mad.

    Another non-scandal from the right wing noise machine just like the airplane thing (also debunked). Hey, did you hear the one about Al Gore claiming to invent the internet? If you’re gonna spread the propaganda, at least try something fresh that hasn’t been debunked, fer Crissake.