Posted by Charity on April 11th, 2007

Woo, hoo! My husband, who is totally awesome, by the way, set up his laptop in our room, so I could blog in bed, while my knee recovers. I am completely bored in here; I hate daytime TV (we don’t have cable channels), I can’t really get into a book with three wild boys running around, and there are only so many things I can crochet before I go crazy, so this is cool.

I am going through serious news and blog withdrawal, so I need to read for a while before I blog. I just wanted you all to know that I will post later today.

I have been thinking lately about the whole America was founded on Christian principles vs. No, you people are rewriting history debate that has been going on for who knows how long. I never really thought much about it because I didn’t see how it was relevant.

I think I want to look at this issue more in depth. Was America founded on Christian principles? If so, does this matter and how would it be relevant to today? More importantly, how is having a nation grounded in Christian principles different from a “theocracy,” as the left likes to claim is the real goal of this movement. (It’s not, by the way.)

This is not what I will post about today. I need to educate myself first. I just wanted to put it out there and invite you to make comments about it and/or leave links on this topic.

I have plenty of other topics to blog about and half-written posts to complete to keep me busy for today.

One Response to “She’s Blogging”

  1. Hoo boy, this oughta be interesting. Make sure you look up ‘deism’, which was the belief system of many of the ‘Founding Fathers’, it’s basically that of a disinterested god who created the universe and left, unconcerned with the doings of humans.

    You need to define Christian principles, because ‘life, liberty, justice, equality and such are humanistic principles, there is nothing uniquely Christian about them.

    If you interpret ‘Christian principles’ as ‘a nation who professes belief in Christianity’ and puts service to God as an important component of being an American, you’re gonna be SOL on that one.

    As with intelligent design and global warming, there’s not really much of a ‘debate’ about this one amongst the academics. The only ones that seem to bring it up are the people trying to get more religion in the public sphere and allow religion to have a greater role in American public life. Because you know those poor Christians who run everything are just sooooo persecuted.