Posted by Charity on April 16th, 2007

I think it is time that I leveled with you about why I do not condemn other people who are not following God’s laws. Sure, I couch it in terms of non-judgmentalness and encouraging a personal relationship with God, that each person needs to work our their life with God, not to be told what to do by some legalistic religious guidelines, but who am I kidding? Even I know that there are some truths that cannot be denied about what it is that the God of the Bible wants us to do (or not do).

Not that I don’t believe those other things; I most certainly do.

The reason that I do not take it upon myself to tell other people what God wants them to do is that I do not always do what God asks of me, at least, not always at first. Sometimes I am stubborn. It’s not just atheists that do not want to bow down. It can be hard for good little Christian women like myself, too.

And let’s face it, when it comes down to it, which is worse? A non-believer having pre-marital sex or a firm believer disobeying what she has openly admitted to herself God is telling her to do? Unfortunately for me, it’s the latter.

So, that’s why I tend to stay away from the holier-than-thou condemnation of other people’s sins. I think I read something about that somewhere.

Why am I telling you this? For a while now, quite some while, I have known that I need to put politics on the back burner. When I say “needed,” I mean God wanted me to. I am not saying that this is one of those absolute truths. This was an individual thing. God wanted me to take a breather from politics.

I complied right away. I finished out my term as City Chair of the Republican Committee and then I resigned. I have not run for office, despite being lobbied several times for different offices from members of two political parties, and a deep passion to do so.

Where I went wrong was that I replaced my previous involvement, as a political party activist and candidate, with my current involvement, as a political blogger and government access TV show host.

I don’t think that political blogging is wrong, or that I need to give it up completely, but I know that I need to bring what I am doing with this blog to a close.

I have prayed about this situation for quite some time, even though I was pretty sure about what I needed to do. I am not about to give up something I love doing, unless I am sure that I have to. I flat out said to God, “If you want me to stop doing She’s Right, I am going to need you to be very clear about it. I need a real sign.”

So, being struck with a mysterious cold that made me feel dizzy every time I sat at the computer wasn’t clear enough. I still blogged.

A freak knee injury that left me unable to sit at the computer wasn’t enough, either. I still blogged.

It wasn’t until my husband set up the laptop for me to blog from bed and it died on me, that I started to get the point. When my husband came home and looked at the computer, he could not figure it out. He tried a number of things, but it would not even load the operating system.

I told him to forget it because I knew it was the sign I was looking for, I need to stop doing She’s Right.

When he later came back to the computer to try and fix it, it worked fine. There was no sign of a problem.

I know that is not enough to convince you skeptics, but I think it takes more faith to call that a coincidence than it would to say that God gave me my sign.

Anyway, I am not giving up blogging. I am just moving away from the political blogging, but not entirely. Politics is something I love to talk about. My new blog will have some political posts.

At first, I was just going to combine my homeschooling/crafting blog with this one, but I didn’t want to blog with such an in your face blog title. I felt like I needed to start anew.

I can’t say what my new blog will look like. Well, I can say what it will physically look like, since it is already up. I just don’t know what direction it will take.

I do know it will not be She’s Right.

It makes me sad to say goodbye to those of you who will not like the new blog, but as those deeply thought-provoking lyricists in Semisonic said, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

The new blog will be more about homeschooling than this one, since, well, this one was not about homeschooling at all. I am also going to talk more about my personal faith, as well as recipes, crafting, and family life.

I will still keep up with current events and politics and post on those topics, too. It just will not define the blog, as it has this one.

So, now that you are wondering if this post will ever end, it is.

Check out my new blog: All Things Hold Together.

The most recent post, as of writing this, is very reminiscent of the style of this blog. You might like it. Hey, I’m still the same woman!

Thank you all for making this such a great experience. I appreciate every reader and every comment. Well, almost every comment.

Take care and may God bless you in all that you do.

(Even you, JD. Just because you don’t believe in Him, doesn’t mean He doesn’t love you.)

PS: I will still be doing the She’s Right show monthly (the third Friday) on Channel 17, at least for now. I will put up a simple website at with upcoming show info, related links, and podcasts, etc, as soon as I get a chance. (Right now that URL leads here.)

25 Responses to “The Last She’s Right Post, Ever”

  1. Uh, I’m new to your blog and was just starting to get into it!! Yours is pretty unique to the northeastern area, I must say.

  2. Aw, Charity, that’s really too bad that those voices in your head are telling you to stop this. It exemplifies my big problem. Ya ever think maybe it’s just you who doesn’t feel like blogging anymore? Why does God have to get the credit for everything? Aren’t you allowed to think independently and claim your thoughts and actions as your own? It’s too bad.

    I can’t say I’m not bummed. You’re one of those rare cons that although I think you’re as loony as the rest of em (although certainly not as mean), I can at least have a dialogue with you. Now what am I gonna do? I’ll deal. The tooth fairy loves me too, I hear.

  3. JD, don’t worry, I’ll come bug you over at FBC.

    I do actually have my own thoughts. Not everything I do is told to me by God. If I just felt like changing gears with the blog, I would have said that.

    I love She’s Right and the following that I have worked to build up over the past year+. I love it when I talk to someone and they say, I read your blog. It is such an honor. I know that some of my favorite readers will not be interested in my new blog, possibly, depending on what direction it takes. I am sad to say goodbye to this blog. That is why I put it off for so long.

    You will have a hard time convincing me that this is just me telling me to stop doing this blog. And that when I asked for a clear sign, my husband’s computer went on the fritz. That is some coincidence!

  4. Charity,
    I agree with almost nothing you say … but I do appreciate the fact that you are open to conversations with people who have different opinions.
    Best wishes to you.
    Continue to keep an open mind. I’ll try to do the same.

  5. How come winning teams and athletes always thank God when they win, but they never blame him when they lose?

    Good for you Charity. Go with what your heart says and don’t be afraid to make change.

    Although I’ll miss She’s Right, I know nothing lasts forever. Good luck with ‘All Things Hold Together.’ I’ll add a new link at BP.

  6. Quite a coincidence indeed. It’s amazing how uncritically you accept things like that.

    Here’s another angle… let’s just say that it actually was the Sky Fairy telling you not to blog. Did it ever occur to you that maybe God didn’t like what you were blogging about, defending global warming deniers and Walmart? Is that any less reasonable than God killing your computer as a sign?

    You really need to read How We Know What Isn’t So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life by Thomas Gilovich. This fascinating book examines and explains very simply the many ways we come to faulty conclusions in our reasoning through faulty logic, misinterpreting cause and effect relationships, and underestimating the occurrence of coincidence and random events. This book was a real eye-opener, and after reading it you might not be so easily duped…

    Once again, why is it so hard for you to own your thoughts? Are you responsible for anything? By that logic, when you have to go to the bathroom, is it God telling you you have to pee, giving you a ‘sign’ of bladder discomfort?

    You’re not using your ‘God-given’ brain, Charity. Own your thoughts. Coincidences don’t make a deity. You’re being incredibly intellectually lazy, taking comfort over truth because it’s so much easier. It’s about not taking responsibility for your actions, like when Bush said that God told him to invade Iraq. So you don’t want to do She’s Right any more. That’s fine. Why the hell does God have to decide whether or not you blog any more? That’s retarded.

  7. Anonymous - Deal with it
    April 17th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    J.D. -
    You’re retarded.

    It’s one thing to have no religion (they all say the same shit anyway: treat others as you’d like to be treated). It’s also okay to attack religion for it’s lack of logic, hypocricy, etc. which you do well.

    It’s another entirely to have no god and the more I see you attack someones faith the more I realize you don’t have any.

    I have no religion but I’ll be praying for your punk-ass to have some kind of spiritual awakening.

  8. Well, Charity, I shall miss your political meanderings. It’s been a delight reading She’s Right. Cheers and blessings, Jay

  9. Two words: “Mission accomplished.” Yeehaa!

    I now have more respect for you devoting your energies to what’s important in life (the things that matter dearly to *you*) rather than spew forth the fear vomit that was a feature attraction of this blog. So good for you for following your heart no matter who/what is guiding you.

    Not much of a Bible-thumper myself, but it is clear from the responses that JDRyan is nothing but a grade-A butthole. His vein attempts to turn you from your feelings are equally as pitiful as his posts over at GMD. Not that I condone chasing the voice in your head (that would make you Mormon), but following intuition is the most reasoned track out there.

    JDRyan’s God – Thomas Gilovich – needs not be yours too. Good luck with everything!

    - GiveTexasBack (who can’t log in properly right now)

  10. It’s good to see my fan club follows me wherever I go.

    Anon deal with it, yes, I don’t have a god, or faith.
    So what. Is having an unprovable belief a requirement of being a human? Last time I checked, that’s what ‘atheist’ meant. Observant one, eh?

    GTB – Trying to turn her from her feelings? No, I’m trying to get her to claim and own her feelings instead of attributing them to some mythical creature. And as someone who writes all those ‘pitiful’ posts at GMD, it’s good to read all of your fine writing that provides a counterbalance… oh, wait, that’s right. You can’t be bothered. It’s easier just to sit back and make smartass comments and call me a butthole. I really don’t understand why you waste so much time reading a blog you don’t like. Put up or shut up already. Your whiny antics are gettin’ old, my friend.

    And Charity, let me be clear, I’m not attacking you.. it’s your ideas I have a problem with.

  11. Oh, and I missed this, GTB.. how is “following intuition the most reasoned track out there.”

    Listening to your intuition which is not held up to any kind of verifiable scrutiny is not a ‘reasoned track’. That would be what ‘analyzing facts and data’ are about, like questioning the wisdom of attributing a fried computer as a ‘sign from God’. I’m not saying one should never follow one’s intuition, but it’s not the most reliable or judicious way of coming to a conclusion.

  12. Sorry to see this blog go, but I’m glad you’ll continue to blog.

    Regarding the question of coincidences, I think you might be misapplying Occam’s Razor a bit. :)

  13. I think that God’s saying that he does not agree with your political views.

  14. Good job Charity on providing us with intellectually stimulating conversation. Life and missions have their seasons and that is OK…

    Thanks for being a con that dialogs and has earned the respect of many.

  15. Gosh, it’s amazing to think I have more respect for a Republican ex-blogger than for JDRyan.

    Read any of JDR’s posts over at his poor-excuse-of-a-blog. If a person disagrees with him, then they are “trolls” and “pitiful”. Agree with him and he’ll welcome you into his little camp and go off on tangents agreeing with how great he is. Only Freyne can match egoes with this baffon.

    “I really don’t understand why you waste so much time reading a blog you don’t like.”

    Um, you must’ve been too busy re-reading your own words to notice that I haven’t been to Green Mountain Disaster since your last tantrum. Got bored with you.

    “Your whiny antics are gettin’ old”

    Poor thing. Dissent must be a new concept to someone who seems to believe that temples were built in his honor. Here’s what’s getting old: your unquestioning citing of Wikipedia to back up your weak arguments. Your copying of articles from the NYTimes, Time, Reformer, etc. then restating of their hypotheses so that you can claim them as your own. Most importantly, your finely honed skill of boring people so bad that even you wrote: “I wrote quite a bit today and realized how daunting it must be to show up here and scroll through all of this text.”

    Shall I mention your denial over trying to convert Charity to atheism? So pitiful….

    Charity, you have my apologies for dragging this little playground tiff into your blog. Hell of a way to go out, eh? I can say ‘hell’ on this blog, right?

    - GiveTexasBack

  16. Charity, sorry ’bout this, but some creatures don’t learn.. this is the last you’ll hear of it on my end… Great way for your blog to go out, eh?

    GTB…For a blog you seemingly can’t stand, you seem to know your way around mine quite well. Do you make a habit of reading blogs that bore you? Do you go into the men’s room just to smell other peoples’ crap, as well? Once again, please point us in the direction of your fine writing skills so we may all be enlightened as to how it should really be done, because the people who read GMD and FBC are obviously severely deluded and must be missing something. Please guide us in your infinite wisdom.

    Can’t find anything where I’m somehow claiming other hypotheses as my own. It’s called ‘commentary’ .. look it up. It’s what 99% of the blogs do.

    And look up ‘troll’ while you’re at it. It’s not someone who simply disagrees, it’s someone whose comments contribute nothing to the conversation but insults and annoyance. I’ve yet to see you simply ‘disagree’ with someone. Go back to your cave. And if you can do better, let’s see your blog.

  17. Well, this is a bummer. Do what ya gotta do, though. You should keep coming to the gatherings.

    To play the agnostic-giving-religious advice again, dont be completely sure that questions to the deity must have been answered by the deity. As the man said, “do not put the Lord God to the test…”

    In other words, I hope you’ll stay open to returning, I’m just trying to use yer own language to tell you… ;-)

  18. Odum, you might be on to something there. Maybe it was Satan telling me to stop blogging politics. After all, he probably is a liberal.

    Oooh, no she didn’t!

    Seriously, though, I wasn’t putting God to the test. I put myself before God and asked Him how I could serve Him, what He wants me to do, and what things are an impediment to me doing His will.

    My answer, in part, was to stop doing this blog, but I didn’t like that answer. That’s when I said I needed a clear sign that this is what He really wants.

    That wasn’t putting Him to the test, in my view. I was just hoping that maybe I could have a different answer, you know, loving the blog and all.

  19. No,Charity,no,no,no,no,no,say it ain’t so!
    Your blog is required reading here at Vermont Hum, and we will miss you desperately.
    If you’re ever idling at the Five Corners, give us a toot.


  20. Hey GTB, what’s a “baffon?”

    Charity, I don’t particularly agree with your political views, and I think the “Judeo Three”(Xtianity, Judaism and Islam) are a wellspring of intolerance and superstition, but I’ll sure miss “She’s Right”

  21. Odum, you might be on to something there. Maybe it was Satan telling me to stop blogging politics. After all, he probably is a liberal.

    Oooh, no she didn’t!

    HA! S’okay, I led you there – I’d have been disappointed if you hadn’t gone for it!

    Besides, semi-retirement from blogging aint so bad…

  22. Sorry to see you go, Charity. I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts and finding out what is going on in the northeast corner of the country.

    My wife and I have always dreamed of touring Vermont and New Hampshire. Hopefully one day, we’ll make it there.


  23. Godspeed!

  24. Charity, sorry to see “She’s Right” go, though I’m glad you’ll still be writing. If you ever want to get back into political commentary, you’ll have a lot of folks here cheering for your return.

    Best of luck!

  25. Charity,
    Haven’t been blogging for a while, or even reading I missed this announcement.

    Sorry to see you go (at least from Politics) Good luck.