Posted by Charity on August 19th, 2007

An anonymous commenter left a link to a YouTube video of the “Act 185 – 2/16/07 Debate on Sunderland Amendment.”

That was the discussion around an amendment proposed to change Act 185 (the new-new Act 60) to protect the privacy of Vermont tax payers’ income information. (You can read more about that problem here.)

The amendment failed 93-44.

Thanks again, House Democrats!

Note the name of the person who posted the video.

Can I also just note here that kind of bites because I cannot embed this video.

6 Responses to “Act 185 Goes YouTube”

  1. Looks like there is a second act:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see this on Greenmountaindaily? ;-)

  2. note that a majority of Republicans voted for Act 185, and our Republican Governor, who could have vetoed it, did nothing.

    What ever happened to the party of ‘personal responsibility’ ???

  3. There’s something on the FP ove GMD right now about it, and how the GOP is already using it.

    AS far as “party of personal responsiblity”, it’s jst another bullshit line like “global war on terror’ to get suckers to vote for ‘em.

    Charity, you can’t embed a youtube vid? I do it on mine all the time. I think you need to swith your editor view to “code” and then slug the embed code in there. That’s what I have to do.

  4. Yeah, I read that post on GMD yesterday. What a load of non-informed crap. Notice that Odum had (and has) no idea why the GOP requested that info.

    Maybe it was to find out how much info was public or to figure out if in fact you could use it to determine a person’s income (since, you know, the Dems denied that it was true).

  5. Oh, and I did exactly what you said when I first tried to embed the video. I use – the wordpress hosted free blogs. I just figured they don’t let people embed videos, since they won’t even let us edit our CSS code. (Well, unless we pay.)

  6. So, why did the Governor alow this to become law?

    If it’s so bad, why did a majority of R’s vote for it???