Posted by Charity on August 24th, 2007

A new conservative organization in Vermont has been formed with the hopes of bringing together the different factions of conservatism, billing itself as a “forum for the intellectual right in Vermont.”

The Lyceum Society of Vermont is an intellectual forum founded in 2007 which is dedicated to providing an exchange of ideas among traditionalists, paleoconservatives, classical liberals, libertarians, neoconservatives, the New Right, and others devoted to a philosophy of ordered liberty.

One thing I really liked about their website is that the links page breaks the links into the different categories of conservatism.

That should make for interesting reading for anyone who didn’t realize just how disparate we are on the right, and those who really don’t understand what the different groups actually stand for.

At any rate, it is always good to see some organization for the furtherance of conservative ideas.  I wish the Lyceum Society the best of luck!

5 Responses to “One to Watch”

  1. Thanks for the plug, Charity! Hopefully the Lyceum Society will meet expectations.

  2. Hey Charity, the site looks great. Finally got around to putting you back on my blogroll yesterday…

    Keep on keeping on…

    Go Raiders!

  3. “intellectual” and “right”….snicker…

  4. Thnks for letting me know about this… I helped spread the word about this.

  5. So nice to know that an organization “that nobody cares about or takes seriously” warrants a 817 word diatribe. JD Ryan should also have his facts straight as the Lyceum Society of Vermont is not a think tank, but an intellectual forum modeled on the Philadelphia Society and the Mont Pelerin Society.