Posted by Charity on August 29th, 2007

Betrayed conservative, Richard Viguerie, is having a contest on his site Conservatives Betrayed. Guess the hour and day that Fred Thompson will announce that he is running for president and you will be entered to win a $200 gift card to Amazon.

But it gets better.

Then the contestant who was the earliest to enter that correct time slot is named the Grand Wizard with the Clearest Crystal Ball, and is recognized on this website. Global fame will undoubtedly follow but is not guaranteed.

Enter here. Instructions here.

You need not support Fred to enter. In fact, Viguerie does not!

4 Responses to “Read Fred’s Brain Contest”

  1. I saw Viguerie this past weekend at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas talking about his new book, “Conservatives Betrayed”. He made a lot of good points about separating conservative aspirations and loyalties from the Republican Party. I also agreed with his views on the four frontrunners for the GOP nomination.

  2. I saw him on C-Span I should say…I wasn’t actually at Freedom Fest!

  3. I don’t think Fred Thompson will run. He’s lazy.

  4. I have recently had second thoughts about Fred Thompson on philosophical grounds. For more of an explanation visit my post recent at the Vermont Traditionalist.