Posted by Charity on September 20th, 2007

This totally has nothing to do with politics, but it could win me $500.

In my Google Reader, I get the feed for Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim. It is the only non-homeschooling, non-political, and non-mommy blog site in my reader.


That’s what he wants to know, and the point of this post!

I started reading it because I am in the planning phase of a couple of online business ventures and I like to keep abreast of what is new in the world of internet marketing.

I keep reading it because it is a great place to go to be in the know about all things new media, whether or not you are in the marketing biz.

I often get the buzz from Marketing Pilgrim days before I hear it elsewhere on the net.

So, now you – and Andy Beal – know why I read Marketing Pilgrim. And I get entered into a drawing where I could win $500.

That’s what I call win-win. (Or win-hope-to-win.)


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