Charity on September 27th, 2007

Sorry for all of the linkdumps, but I have been working on a few other things. I hope to get a real post up soon. In the meantime…

National Review Online has an interview with Patricia Heaton, of Everybody Loves Raymond fame, who also happens to be the national spokeswoman for Feminists for Life.

If you don’t think the glut of “wanted” posts makes Freecycle the most annoying online group ever, how about the fact that they sued someone for trademark infringement for disparaging the trademark… and won! Fortunately, it was overturned. (Looks like I dodged a bullet on that one.)

Now we can all go back to dissing the trademarks we love to hate.

Cal Thomas discusses the need for some “New(t) Ideas” on Town Hall today. Newt was my first political hero. I mean contemporary political hero, of course.

Finally, Tennessee has found a solution for dealing with people who go to neighboring states to avoid paying the recently more-than-tripled cigarette tax. Put them under surveillance, catch them in the act, arrest them, charge them, and seize their car!

[State Revenue Commissioner Reagan] Farr said the program does not run afoul of federal restrictions on state interference with interstate commerce.

“We’re not regulating the purchase of anything in another state,” he said. “We’re regulating the possession of contraband in Tennessee.”

That “contraband” is a legal product that you just aren’t allowed to buy from another state.

Sounds an awful lot like regulating interstate commerce to me.

Just don’t let the VT legislature get wind of this. You know how those shops on the NH border are always citing loss of business over the border as a reason not to raise taxes.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

One Response to “Links Worth Clicking Vol. 5”

  1. I didn’t know cigarettes were contraband…I just thought they killed you slowly. I really can’t understand how any service industry business operates sucessfully in eastern VT given our good buddy NH right (pun intended) next door. I’ll also never understand why Gov. Jimmie D. pushed so hard to raise the state income tax 1% just so that he and some others could get a short-term political boost out of temporarily cutting property taxes using that new revenue source. Then, a lot of conservatives in VT turn around later and complain about how high the sales tax is…duh… Our sales tax in VT is *never* going to come down. They did the same thing back in RI during the Reagan administration…the Gov. down there pledged not to “raise income taxes” on people due to a state budget crisis…so he raised everything else under the sun…state sales taxes, fees, etc. instead. And, of course, we’re all paying that VT “use tax” on our income tax forms right? ;)