Posted by Charity on October 19th, 2007

Tonight on She’s Right, I talked with Tom Licata, founder of Vermont Tax Revolt.

I would like to encourage all of my Vermont readers to take a look at Tom’s site. Especially the page entitled, “Vermont’s Economic & Demographic Crisis: Its Symptoms.” It really puts in perspective the financial obligations that Vermont is facing in the coming years and the urgent need to do something to grow the Vermont economy in order to have the revenue to meet these obligations.

As Tom said on the show tonight, this is not – or should not be – a partisan issue. This is something that is going to hit all Vermonters hard if we do not plan for it.

Speaking of planning, another thing that Tom mentioned was that he is having a planning/brainstorming meeting at his home this Sunday at 4:00 PM. His address and phone number are on this page of his website if you want more information.

It was a great show. We had a few good calls, too. I will post the audio podcast on Monday.