Posted by Charity on October 23rd, 2007

Here is a link to the podcast of my interview of Tom Licata of Vermont Tax Revolt.

One Response to “She’s Right Podcast – VT Tax Revolt”

  1. I caught the last half or so of your recent show and checked out your guest’s tax revolt website. It seems to me that a lot of the upcoming state “entitlements” that he sites seem to me to be things that the federal govt. will be taking care of mostly. I can just here you fume at that kind of analysis, since we all pay federal taxes too. I agree that the tax structure in VT is severly messed up, but the downward spiral that we’re on, I think, is mostly caused by tax cutting at the federal level over many decades, which leaves much less fairly collected revenues (I’m of the opinion that the wider a group of individuals that you tax…the fairer that tax usually is applied to people) for the states to use. This causes a lot of people to moan when their state and local taxes go up in response to federal tax cutting. I don’t buy at all the myth that cutting taxes leads immediately to more tax revenue…that only happens when the economy grows substancially in tandem with a tax cut (the national economy pretty much always grows no matter what). The VT state property tax crisis is caused primarily by the school funding crisis (both at the state and federal level…remember all those unfunded mandates from the feds?), which, in turn, is caused by this country’s health care, energy, and insurance crisies (spelling?). Reform the way that we all pay for health care in this country (it’s insane!!) and get a real, renewable energy plan, and things will work out a whole lot better for us all. Regressive taxes (like sales and property taxes) need to go in favor of progressive income taxes at as many levels as can be passed. It never made any sense to me to be taxed on what I already own (or, rather, what the bank owns for now…lol…) or what income I’ve already made and been taxed on at least once. I like your show…I wish I was able to catch it on Ch. 17 more often…