Posted by Charity on October 25th, 2007

I really should not post today because I am extra bitchy, but I just have to say that this really irks me (and not just because I am extra bitchy).

Over at Green Mountain Daily, Odum has a post that talks about how mean the VT GOP Chair is, or something or other, because he calls an inaccurate statement a lie. Boo-hoo.

Anyway, what irks me is that he said this in the comments: “It really surprised me. As someone who used to be a webmaster for one of the state’s political parties, I can attest that we wouldn’t have gone there, and if we had, we’d have caught a lot of flack.”

Oh my effing goodness! I cannot believe that he thinks anyone would buy that load of crap that the Democrats rise above such tactics.

Of course, I am a little biased. See, for those of you who have not heard this story a thousand times, a certain former official of the Democratic Party in a certain city in Vermont (I don’t want to get too specific because those really nice and not at all vindictive Dems might decide to sue me for libel) waged an active campaign to try to get the Burlington Free Press to stop running my column in the Writers Group, which BTW was a paying column and I really needed that money. (See the Dems only care about the poor when the poor in question are not Republicans. Oh yeah, and when the poor are asking for government hand-outs and not trying to work for their money because, you know, we wouldn’t owe them anything that way.)

So, anyway, it really gets under my skin when someone tries to claim that Democrats are so nice and always on the up and up, and all that, because the reality is, they are just as much scum-sucking bottom-feeders as any one else. Yeah, that’s right.

And this is why I should never blog when I am in a bitchy mood. Or at least, if I do I should use a pseudonym like Kate does and not let people know who I really am.

Now that I have that out of my system, I will be back when I have something nice to say.

19 Responses to “I Might Lose My “Sweet as Pecan Pie” Label for This One…”

  1. Hmmm… There ain’t much to go on here, this certainly doesn’t qualify as your most informative post ever, but I think what you’re saying really boils down to a couple points:
    1- A Democrat said that Democrats do not do some of the bad things that Republicans do, and this upset you because:

    2- Once a Democrat tried to get the only daily paper in Burlington and the paper with the largest distribution in VT to stop running your column, which you somehow felt was a bad thing.

    To point one:
    I don’t think that anyone is claiming that no Democrat has ever crossed the line. I think what Odom was saying (and I figured this out by reading what he wrote, rather than what I wanted to read) was that when he was active in a particular role with a particular group of Democrats, they would not do a particular thing, and if they had, would have caught some flak for it.

    To point two:
    Since when do the readers (consumers who pay for the paper every day) not have the right to tell the paper what they like and what they don’t like. I never read your column because I’m more of a Times-Argus guy, but if it was anything like your blog, I could see where people might want to take crap like that out of the paper. You somehow seem to feel that you were entitled to that money, but, as you no doubt know, that’s not how capitalism works…

    To your final little blurb, the one where you resorted to boldface (the last refuge of the inarticulate (or maybe I’m just jealous because I can’t figure out how to use formatting in the comments)):
    Back up your claim. I’m not here to blindly stick up for the D’s, but just calling them scum-sucking bottom-feeders as part of an implication that they are dishonest without substantiating your claim is just lazy… When Odom points out that Roper is a dishonest vile douchebag, he provides evidence… That’s how it’s done….

  2. Oh, the Free Press did not stop running my non-political column because of this. They suspended it for two months while they decided that it was not necessary to stop running it, since it was a non-political column. And the reason was not that a reader didn’t like it. It was that this reader was mad that we (the GOP, of which I was the Chair) just won a City Council seat from the Dems. It was about pay back.

    I resorted to boldface because the libs who read my blog tend to skim and I wanted to make sure that line was not missed.

    “as part of an implication that they are dishonest”

    I am not implying that they are dishonest. I am implying, and out right stating, that they are not above anything the GOP would do. I think all political activists have the potential to do really sleazy things. My objection is to Odum claiming otherwise of the VT Dems. I have been the target. I know how low they will stoop.

    I think that calling someone a liar outright with one’s name attached to the comment is much more upstanding then trying to covertly get someone fired from a non-political writing job.

  3. Oh, come on, Charity, consider the source: Odum. And then when you get done laughing, dust yourself off and know that he’s providing everyone who read his nonsense one thing: a laugh. Better yet, he’ll keep doing it because he’ll never realize that people are laughing AT him. He picks fights constantly but has extremely thin skin. Glass house, perhaps? You bet. He’s best simply ignored, which ain’t too hard because he’s next to impossible to read anyway.

  4. Your first poster is correct. I chose my words very specifically. I was speaking of the professional capacity I was employed in, looking at the professional equivalent at the GOP site (the website). You find an example to refute that apples-to-apples comparison because there aren’t any – that was my point. By calling a state figure a “liar” on the GOP official website, Roper crossed a line that we never did, and wouldn’t have done. It’s just a statement of fact.

    Now, on the non-professional side? Oh lord, I dont put anything past anybody. Party committees are full of people who know no bounds and are capable of anything. Again, I was talking about professional conduct in a professional context among professionals. No need to get all freaked out. Looking back, I thought I was pretty clear. Apparently not clear enough.

  5. Oh, I see. The Democratic Party puts on a public face of rising above the deplorable tactics, such as calling a false statement a lie, but behind the scenes, they are free to be vindictive, spiteful, backbiting, scheming, and shameless, as long as they do it under cover of darkness so that no one can pin it on the party.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    I prefer Roper’s openness any day.

  6. uhhh…. noooooo. Why are you digging in on this? I don’t understand. You’ve been involved in Party infrastructure. You know the difference between staff and volunteers or committee/board members – not just in a Party, but in any nonprofit.

    There’s a difference between professional protocols and the behavior of volunteers. It’s that simple. I’m hardly making this up.

    If you don’t think there should be, that’s fine, you’re obviously entitled to that opinion. But to suggest I’m being hypocritical because I’m comparing apples to apples, and you instead thing the comparison should be between all-fruits and all-fruits is both unreasonable and unfair.

  7. “You know the difference between staff and volunteers or committee/board members ”

    I see the confusion. The person I was talking about was not a “volunteer” in that sense (although a lot of party work, even the professional positions, are volunteer).

    That said, I see what you are saying about apples. You want to isolate this one incident, so that you can say, “See! See! I told you the GOP is worse!” Maybe so. Maybe if you narrow the scope to only include the issue of using the word “lie” on the party website then you are right, Odum, you guys get to take the high road. Congratulations!

    My irritation is in this claim that I see so often that the left is so much better than the right when it comes to the tactics used to further their agenda.

    Now, that is a lie.

  8. I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for Odum. He is so out of his league when any conversation gets beyond “the Dems are (take your pick) smarter, better, cleaner, prettier, etc.”

    Poor guy. But let’s remember that the Dems were smart enough to stop employing him. Whew. Now if we could get them to tell their little special needs child to stop reminding people that he used to have a connection with them.

  9. You want to isolate this one incident, so that you can say, “See! See! I told you the GOP is worse!”

    No – just so I can say what I said. That this incident looks bad, and represents a stepping up of “official” rhetoric on Vermont Party web sites, and that I lay it on Roper’s doorstep.

    BTW: If you don’t think I criticize the Dems with some regularity, you need to stop by a little more often.

  10. But let’s remember that the Dems were smart enough to stop employing him.

    Actually, this rather typical blather from a member of my fan club brings up the funny way I DID stop working for the Dems. I had lasted 2-and-half cycles and was pretty burned out (these are usually 1 cycle gigs), but I wanted to launch their data program to the next level. I also wanted to leave. So I drafted a Technology Plan that did not include my position, and instead hired somebody towards the end of the year when the campaign would start heating up. ThenI lingered until I was squared away elsewhere.

    It sorta like I laid myself off.

  11. Whatever you want to tell yourself, Odum. But we all know that in those circles if they smell talent they try to keep it — either with the party, a candidate or an elected official. You know, like the way your peers at the time all work for Bernie, Welch or Leahy now while you’re running the amateur hour blog. You go, boy.

  12. But we all know that in those circles if they smell talent they try to keep it — either with the party, a candidate or an elected official.


    I’m gonna send this comment around. Please tell me more of what “we” all know!

    No, I’m afraid my generation of Vermont hacks has all moved onto other nonprofit things, with the exception of Tom Hughes who stayed in the fray and is a big dog now. The baton passed a long time ago.

    People like you always make me curious, though. We all (left, right, center) get kinda testy, even nasty in an incidental way. Y’know, in the process of advocating or taking a position. It’s a reflection of our passion for things.

    But for people like you, its not incidental. It seems to be the point. You don’t come on here to state a passionate viewpoint, and in the process slam an opponent (intentionally or not), for people like you – broadcasting your spite and hatred seems to be THE point. It’s all you’ve got and it’s why you’re here.

    What I’m wondering is why, exactly, its so important to you? You’re not doing anything to effect debate, or promote an opinion, or circulate news or ideas that you think are getting ignored or neglected. So, what’s the point? Is the chance to insult people really all the motivation you need? Is it really all you’ve got?

    “Embarassed,” indeed. “Dem?” I doubt it.

  13. Did I say ‘sweet as pecan pie”? Judging on your astounding lack of logic lately, I’m wondering if I should have said “smart as pecan pie”.

  14. Thanks, JD, for helping to provide my response to Odum. I’ll bet Odum won’t start wagging his finger at your level of discourse. Nope, because you’re apparently an Odum-approved Democrat and, thus, you can make all kinds of personal insults about your opponent’s intelligence. But if Charity responds by saying you’re a “liar” for calling her stupid, watch Odum pout.

    Yes, Odum, I’m all for a discussion of the issues. But all you’re bringing forward is some kind of juvenile, party hack nonsense about how horrific it is that the Republican Party used the word “liar.” Get over it. Better yet, get to the issues you say you want to discuss.

    This all reminds me of John Stewart’s appearance on CNN’s Crossfire several years ago when he looked at the dope on the left and the dope on the right and said, “stop it, you’re hurting America. Of course, he was referring to the kind of grade-school na-na-na-na-na that they tried to pass off as political dialog.

    A real, substantive and honest discussion of the issues would not, in my opinion, be started or centered around your faux-hurt over the Republican’s using the word “liar.” That would simply lead to what it has led to here: personal bullshit that gets boring real quickly.

    So, if you’d like to discuss the issues, bring up the issues. But be careful, people might disagree with you and I wouldn’t want you to get your paper-thin skin bruised.

    Go ahead, admonish JD for his offering…

  15. Sorry, Embarassed. No can do. JD, Charity and I are all on friendly terms, here, and in fact have even been known to *gasp* socialize in real life. We talk to each other like this and get along fine in the ways that count.

    ‘Cause at the end of the day, we know we’re all human beings. What about you?

    I appreciate that this all may be hard for an anonymous troll to get his brain around. Especially one pretending something he’s not (a Dem) rather than have confidence in his own identity and opinions enough to actually put them out there honestly and forthrightly.

    Honor is a tricky concept for a lot of people these days.

  16. Okay, I’ll get to your level: Na-na-na-na-na-na.

    And now I’ll follow my own original advice: Ignore you.

  17. Thanks for playing. :)

  18. Silly bloggers…

  19. I’m a Dem? Since when?