Charity on December 13th, 2007

The other day, I remarked to my husband that I would rather have Hillary Clinton as President than Barack Obama.  He asked me why, which I think actually meant, “Why on earth are you even imagining which Democrat you would rather have?”

At the time, I really wasn’t able to put it into words.

Well, now I know why.  I also know why there is so little support for Sen. Clinton on the left here in Vermont.

I took this little USA Today interactive quiz called “The Candidate Match Game.”

My results were:

  1. Fred Thompson
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. John McCain

Go see who your match is.  Be sure to tell us in the comments.

9 Responses to “The Candidate Match Game”

  1. I would think that there are a lot of Republicans right now that are imagining a Democrat in the White House…the jig is up…

    That’s not a very good seguay to me telling you that I agree that I would rather have Hillary than Obama. Experience still matters to me. Obama has a very positive and uplifting message (kind of like Edwards did the last time around in 2004), but I don’t think that he has much behind his general ideas. He hasn’t been tested politically either (you or I could beat Alan Keyes in a Senate race I bet). I actually remember being quite annoyed in 2004 when I had to write in Edwards’ name in the primary here.

    These quizzes are fun to take. My results were as they usually are with these things:
    1. Kucinich
    2. Richardson
    3. Gravel

    Two people that don’t have enough experience, IMO, to be President and Gov. Richardson, who’s my second pick this time around after Hillary.

    I’d love to see how you ended up with Hillary 2nd Charity. :) I remember relishing the look on a staunch Republican co-worker’s face when Pat “ride to the sound of the guns” Buchanan came up on the screen in 1996 when we made him take a similar online CBS poll (my co-worker was supporting Dole at the time)…good times…

  2. It’s no wonder Charity ended up with Hillary second…out of all of the contenders in the Dem race, Hillary is undoubtedly the closest to a Republican.

  3. “Hillary is undoubtedly the closest to a Republican”

    I know, but I ended up with her over all of the other Republicans in the race.

    When I rated the two areas that I most differ with her on - health care and taxes - as the most important issues, she and McCain switched places.

    “I’d love to see how you ended up with Hillary 2nd Charity”

    I will have to look at the quiz again, but that would be interesting to post about.

  4. I think a lot of it has to do with those issue-importance slider bars, which I’ve seen a bunch of other polls use recently. The idea that one could pick a candidate based on a dozen or so questions alone is a silly concept though. It isn’t like when I shop online for the best phone to buy for my Mom at Christmas… :)
    Here’s the thing about Hillary, if she’s really so uttery close to being a Republican, then why are so many Repubilcans going bonkers slamming her even before she’s gotten the nomination? I really don’t believe that the Clintons would run things almost exactly like the Bushies have done. Their core values are just too different IMO.

  5. Pretty interesting.

    1. Edwards
    2. Richardson
    3. Clinton.

    Although I don’t have to move the slider bars very much to get Obama or Kucinich in there. It’s pretty surprising, in that Clinton is clearly the most conservative D, and in a lot of what he says I’ve been leaning toward Chris Dodd.

    Still, there is no question that any one of the D’s would be incomparably better than any one of the R’s. I suppose the most attractive R would be Fred Thompson, because he might just be too dang tired to do anything.

  6. 1. Kucinich
    2. Gravel
    3. Richardson

    I thought Edwards would have been in there somewhere.

  7. I keep forgetting to mention the best political bumper sticker that I’ve seen on the road this cycle. It’s very professional-looking with blue and white lettering, an American flag, and the ticket of:
    Satan ‘08

    I think the dark lord of evil has done and can do a lot more for our great nation…and that Satan guy isn’t too bad either (for a fictional character that is)… ;)

  8. 1. Ron Paul
    2. John McCain
    3. Mike Gravel

    I have also taken the Washington Post’s Candidate Quiz and, sure enough, the winner was Ron Paul.


  9. That was a great little quiz. My results are:

    1. Mike Huckabee (who I am supporting)
    2. Bill Richardson
    3. Mitt Romney