Charity on January 30th, 2008
  • I updated the “Burlington Politics” page, but it is not really anything you couldn’t read in the paper. I will be doing some commentary there, soon.
  • The “Channel 17 Show” page is updated with a link to my Jan. ‘08 podcast. I talk about Burlington Town Meeting 2008 and the vote on the Mayor’s Moran Plant proposal.
  • There is a comment from someone who is not one of the usual suspects around here on the post, CNN Gets Smacked By Readers, which just got bumped off the front page by this post. I recovered the comment from the spam filter a few minutes ago.
  • A while ago, I had a giveaway on my other blog and a She’s Right reader commented that he would have liked to enter, but the contest was closed by the time he saw it. I said I would announce any future contests here, so that’s what I am doing. It is probably not as interesting to the readers here as that one was. (It was a subscription to Organic Gardening magazine.) This is for a children’s jewelry making kit, with a Christian theme. Head on over there to enter.