Charity on January 31st, 2008

This primary season has been hard on me.

As a Fred Thompson supporter, and someone who is not at all fond of the remaining contenders, I am having a hard time looking ahead to the presidential election.

But as a political blogger, I must move on.

Plus, the charming Mr. Geoffrey Norman helped me warm up to John McCain - just a little - by reminding me of what a courageous and selfless man Sen. McCain was as a POW in Vietnam, when he sent me the link, It’s Better to Be Lucky Than Good, in response to my “How did this happen?” post, McCain Wins Florida.

I was reading Sen. McCain’s bio on, earlier. It says, “Then he refused early release–which he saw as a public relations stunt by his captors–insisting that POWs held longer than him should be granted their freedom first.”

You don’t find a lot of men with such character.

But we’re talking about electing a president, not about character.

So, I was thinking yesterday afternoon, while I was making a fantastic batch of French Freedom baguettes, that it would be interesting if McCain ended up the nominee and the focus of the election turned out to be the war.

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that Americans are done with war and want the troops brought home now.

But what if that isn’t accurate?

What if Americans really want a president like John McCain, who not only does not support bringing the troops home, he supported the surge and supports staying in until we win?

Does it make me a bad person that the thought of the way the liberal blogs would react to such a heresy makes me laugh, just a little?

One thing I can say is this: If John McCain is the Republican nominee, there will be a clear distinction between the two major party candidates on their Iraq strategies. (Provided the Democratic candidate does not back away from the withdrawal stance.)

We will finally know once and for all how Americans feel about Iraq.

One Response to “Envisaging McCain vs. [ Insert Democratic Nominee Here]”

  1. Hey, no more picture of Fred on the left here. His sad face always made me smile too…

    Ah yes, my Dad was reminding me of McCain’s war record last night on the phone when I called him to express my condolences on the demise of his horse in this race, “Mr. 9/11″. I respect that McCain was a POW, but I’m tired of hearing about it at every…single…turn. That was like 40 years ago…and still McCain can’t realize that we’re wasting resources in Iraq just like we did in Vietnam. “We” can’t win in Iraq…only the Iraqis can now…it’s up to them.

    “If John McCain is the Republican nominee, there will be a clear distinction between the two major party candidates on their Iraq strategies.”

    We are in agreement…that’s twice in one week now…cut it out…