Charity on January 31st, 2008

I am testing out a new (to me) social bookmarking site called It allows you to annotate, highlight and “sticky note” your links. Very cool.

Here are a couple of links I saved this morning.

VPR Regional News: Former Governors present opposing views of four year term Annotated

tags: vtpolitics

  • Howard Dean and I actually agree on something! - post by shesright

Howard Dean said he opposes the four year term because he thinks having shorter terms is a good way to keep politicians accountable

Principled Discovery » NE’s anti-homeschool bill, one senator responds Annotated

tags: education, homeschool

  • Can we get some politicians like this in Vermont? - post by shesright

Parents have the primary obligation and responsibility for the education of their children - NOT the State.


This bill smacks of arrogance and makes an erroneous presumption that the State is of higher authority than the parent