Posted by Charity on January 31st, 2008

I wonder if the Romney campaign reads Townhall for advice. If so, you might see this image hit the media in the next few days.

He needs to muss his hair, don a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans, grab a photographer and go dig a hole somewhere.

According to Ben Shapiro, McCain Won Because Romney’s Boring.

I think there is a little more to it.

Then again, Frank J. at IMAO thinks Romney needs a new image, too. His advice includes, “Grow a goatee and shave your head.”

[sigh] Comedy is all I can cling to this election year.

On the bright side, I will have plenty to blog about once the Democratic president starts messing up the country.

But, that is of little consolation. [bigger sigh]

5 Responses to “Romney’s Image”

  1. I like Amanda Carpenter when I see her on TV, then I read some of her articles at Townhall and think, “Man, she’s really mean.” Townhall, I think, is like reading a tabloid from the supermarket checkout IMO…not my cup of tea.

    “Grow a goatee and shave your head.”

    LOL… Way to look on the bright side there Charity. :)

  2. I read an interesting statistic the other day that explains McCain’s win and shows Romney is still in the fight. Among those identifying themselves as conservative in the FL primary, Romney won. Among those identifying themselves as liberal, McCain did.

    The upcoming primaries require you to actually be a member in the party to vote, so Romney may have a bit better chance. Even with everyone endorsing McCain. I think they are all just hoping for cabinet seats.

    Maybe if I endorse him, I can become Secretary of Education!

  3. Dana, I think I would even vote for McCain if he offered to make you Secretary of Education!

  4. Give me Spellings’ travel allowance and I’ll do it! : )

  5. Funny how you haven’t seemed to blog much about the Rupublican president who’s messed up the country. Most of your stuff sems to indicate it’s still the libs that have messed everything up.

    A Dem prez might indeed mess up the country … for conservatives. That’s fine w me.