Posted by Charity on March 16th, 2008

Barack Obama, the presidential candidate whose campaign website is powered by “hope,” seems to have gotten himself into a bit of controversy.

The Huffington Post has a round-up of sorts, with reactions from across the spectrum, including NRO’s Mark Steyn.

“Obama is meant to be the man who transcends the divisions of race, the candidate who doesn’t damn America but ‘heals’ it,” wrote Mark Steyn on National Review Online. “Yet since his early twenties he’s sat week after week listening to the ravings of just another cookie-cutter race huckster.”

Meanwhile, tensions between the Obama and Clinton campaigns continue to rise.

This week saw a Hillary supporter vow to discontinue posting at Daily Obama Kos.  Beth over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has more on that.

According to Reuters, the candidates instructed their campaigns to tone down the rhetoric in order to avoid backlash against the party in November.

Apparently, it’s not working.

On Sunday, both the Clinton and Obama campaigns hosted conference calls in which each camp’s aides played political victim, manufactured outrage, and likely didn’t change the electoral landscape one bit.

The Obama folks teed off first, casting Clinton as a secretive pol driven by nothing more than political opportunism.


An hour later, Clinton aides struck back with attack lines of their own, accusing Obama of going viciously negative our of sheer desperation.

If you are looking for a good laugh this Sunday afternoon, be sure to check out the ringtones on the Obama campaign website.

And if you are looking for a website that is really powered by hope, there’s always this one.

4 Responses to “Sunday Afternoon Linkdump: Obama Edition”

  1. What a silly post.

    The Kos boycott.. who gives a shit? A bunch of Hillary supporters can’t remove the shitstink so they’re whining. Who cares?

    And on the sinister minister, a lot of what he said was true, what’s the big deal? You think 911 had nothing to do with US foreign policy? Are you getting mad about McCain’s hateful endorsees such as John Hagee and Rod “we must destroy Islam” Parsley? Any concern at all about Huckabee’s hateful sermons? Of course not, cuz it only matters when it’s one of our guys. And last I checked, Obama didn’t say those things. Non-story.

    Good ol’ double standards, but considering you’re gonna lose either way, I’ll cut you some slack as you move on to some other stupid right wing talking point to parrot.

  2. Since when is posting a linkdump considered parroting talking points?
    When did HuffPo and Reuters become right wing?
    In fact, only one link was to a “right wing” site, unless you count the quote from the HuffPo piece (which contained a link to NRO).

    As for double standards, man, if I wasn’t sick with the flu, I would have a response for you, the king of double-standards, on that one.

    Sorry for the “silly” link post. I was trying to bump down the post with “Friday” in the title before Monday morning hit.

  3. Ok, Obama is trying too hard… ringtones?!
    That is sad, but really really funny.
    Did you listen to them?
    cue techno music “America needs universal health care”
    On your phone!
    Cult? or just media frenzy.
    I can’t wait until this bs is over.
    The waste of money and time.
    What government? this is a made-for-TV real life.
    Stranger than fiction, and twice as painful.

    PS the bible site is too hopeful for me
    I like my hope sprinkled with a bit of reality

  4. Sad, but funny, indeed.

    I will say, though, it was priceless to hear my four-year-old singing “Go, go, go, Obama,” as long as it’s not in public.