Posted by Charity on April 15th, 2008

April 15 is…

Tax Day

Vermont Tiger’s Geoffrey Norman has a suggestion for those people who think our taxes are not high enough.

Dave Barry takes a look at some of the, um, interesting ways our tax dollars are spent.

Speaking of taxes, who is the logic-challenged individual (or group) that designed the Vermont State Income Tax forms? After years of filing my VT taxes, I have the process down to an impressive 40 minutes, but I could not help but notice how unbelievably convoluted the process is.

Is there someone in the state government in bed with the accounting industry? If I wasn’t such a tight wad so frugal, I would consider shelling out the extra bucks to upgrade my Turbo Tax and file my VT taxes electronically.

Buy A Gun Day. (HT: Alphecca)

For more, check out the celebrations around the blogosphere.

Speaking of guns, apparently not all college students are content to be sitting ducks when a shooter appears on campus.

“Would you rather just sit there and cower underneath a desk when someone executes you or would you rather have a chance to defend your life? That’s what it really boils down to.”

The Blog-o-versary of Candleblog

Last, but not least, today is the fourth blog-o-versary of Candleblog, the internet home of everyone’s favorite Burlington filmmaker, Bill Simmon.

Four years! We are so not worthy.

Head of over and give him w00t!