Posted by Charity on April 22nd, 2008

Recently, I started reading a few new blogs and one of them is almost too cerebral for me.

I mean, I am capable of following it, but sometimes it almost seems like too much work.

Perhaps it is the trio of little savages I have constantly wreaking havoc behind me while I read, or perhaps it is the, um, less than cerebral nature of some of the other blogs I read.

At any rate, what are some of your favorite intellectually stimulating blogs?

5 Responses to “Reader Roundtable: Favorite Blogs”


  2. What blog was it? The Disney Blog?

    Favorite blog for me right now. Pharyngula. Warning: it deals with science and other reality-based subjects that you and some of your readers may find offensive.

  3. The Disney Blog? Good one. Excuse my while I roflmao.

    Ahh, yes, Pharyngula. The Atheists’ Daily Bread.

    I suppose Myers’ more science-focused posts are quite cerebral.

    Then again, you do have to balance that against the posts that are clearly lacking in intelligent use of language.

    “they’ve got a mayor who is a fecking idjit”

  4. Yes it is my husband’s blog but he is really good at making economic, technical and scientific things understandable to me. Hope you will enjoy it. Mary

  5. the address is