Posted by Charity on April 23rd, 2008

Update: The checks are going out ahead of schedule

Stimulus check that is.

Well, in the mail soon, anyway. The first payments go out May 2. You can view the whole stimulus payment schedule at the IRS website.

A while back, Rep. Peter Welch sent out a constituent mailing about the stimulus checks, among other things. In it, he said the sooner you send in your tax return, the sooner you will get your stimulus check. At least, I thought that’s what it said because I remember thinking that it was weird that they would send out stimulus checks based on when you filed your tax return.

As it turns out, when you will receive your check has nothing to do with when you filed your return. As long as you filed by April 15, you will receive your payment according to the above mentioned schedule.

If you didn’t, make sure you file by October 15 to qualify.

The IRS also has a stimulus payment calculator. You need to enter some information from your 2007 return and it will tell you your stimulus payment amount.

It is worth checking out. Our payment is less than the number reported in the media. Probably because of the amount of our tax burden (or lack thereof).

Remember, the numbers reported in the press were preceded by “up to,” as in up to $1200 per couple.

So what do you all plan to do with your stimulus checks?

We were planning on putting the whole thing into our savings, but we might use some of it to get a purchase I have been saving for.

2 Responses to “The Check’s in the Mail”

  1. I was disappointed at the rebate mailing schedule too…mine’s going in the bank as well.

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