Posted by Charity on May 28th, 2008

This is a wee bit disturbing.

The Australian Broadcasting Company has an interactive quiz on its website where you can answer lifestyle questions to calculate your carbon footprint and learn at what age you should die (or should have) so that you don’t use more than your fair share of the Earth’s resources.

I should have died at age 12.2.

The good news is that if you are as environmentally friendly as you can be (no car, no meat, use renewable resources for power, buy organic, make ethical investments, etc.), your little pig turns white, floats up in the air, and the message tells you that you can live forever!

Finally, the Church of Global Warming now has a path to eternal life!

Hat tip: Cassy Fiano

5 Responses to “The Path to Eternal Life”

  1. The pagans are getting restless!
    It all fits together so well: worship the earth, live the life that the elitist environmentalists want you to, then die (or be killed) so you don’t drive up the cost of universal health care.

    Next they’ll be forcing us to use MACs!!

  2. I should have died at age 10.7.

  3. I was brought to believe, in part, that gluttony is a sin.

    Best I can figure out that concept died with Reagan and the ’80s for all too many.

  4. I should have died at 11.1. The scientific accuracy of the dog and the pig are truly astonishing.

    They should stop wasting our times with worthless stuff like this. I mean, I realize they are trying to scare us into being more “green” and environmentally sustainable in a fun way…but come on now the dog and the pig?

  5. How much energy is that silly quiz using?