Posted by Charity on June 5th, 2008

An Etsy shop called “dugshop” sells an Obama soap on a rope called, what else, “Hope on a Rope.” (Etsy is a website for buying and selling handmade stuff.)

From the website:

What we’ve all been waiting for — a little hope, and Barack’s the man for the job. We made him purple, because we here at dugshop feel that he’s a true uniter, there are no red or blue states, we’re all purple. (we promise not to make you sing Kumbaya…).

This soap measures 4.75” x 3.5”, weighs a substantial 10.5 oz, and comes to you on a black rope. He smells like a breath of fresh air, because, well, he IS a breath of fresh air!

33% of all profits go to Obama’s presidential campaign, so you’ll make a difference if you buy this soap!

Yeah, he’s a real uniter. That’s why he always refers to slimy political tactics as “Republican” tactics. What a breath of fresh air!

3 Responses to “Hope on a Rope”

  1. If the soap cleans people like Obama plans to clean up Washington… I’ll stick to Dial! But if Obama gets elected at least I can hang myself with the rope!

  2. I just wouldn’t want to wash my nether-regions with it. I use “Pope on a Rope” for that.

  3. You’re so right. I’m so relieved McCain is the nominee because I know that if I don’t like his stance on an issue I just have to wait a little while because it’ll soon change.