Posted by Charity on June 19th, 2008

I guess the AP wants to charge bloggers for quoting AP content on their sites.

Well, Michelle Malkin decided to use the AP’s rates to calculate how much they would owe her for quoting her blog without permission. It’s at least $132,125.

Gee, I guess that one was poorly thought out, AP.

Here’s a clue: Bloggers still need a news source. We are not really a threat. Really.

Not only that, but we have developed sort of a symbiotic relationship. We quote you; you quote us. (Well, some of us.)

Now stop being such you-know-whats.

(The link to MM above has links to the backstory, too.)

11 Responses to “Stupid Media Tricks”

  1. Why on earth would you be reading a racist airhead like Malkin? Oh, wait a minute. Nevermind.

  2. I thought that in liberal fantasy land, ‘people of color’ couldn’t be racist.

  3. Who ever said that??

  4. No, they are only racist if they aren’t progressive or liberal, remember? Along with sexist, fascist, homophobic, and downright evil…

  5. Oh, N.P. you need to crawl back under your rock. Nobody I know ever said people of color can’t be racist. You’re pulling strawman crap out of that repressed, tight little pucker of yours, aren’t you? Bush has certainly taught you well.

    “Along with sexist, fascist, homophobic, and downright evil…” Excellent description of Malkin and the others whose bullshit you salivate over.

  6. You mean racist like Jeremiah Wright or racist like Barack Obama who stated that his grandmother was “like a typical white person”? Do you mean “crap” like “Bush lied so people died in Iraq” or “bullshit” like the drivel and invective you spew over at Green Mountain Daily. I really can’t tell since its so disorienting and pathetic.

  7. Come on now…only is some fairytaleland-alternative universe would someone like Obama or Rev. Wright be considered “racist”. The Bush Regime *didn’t* lie about the reasons that we went to War in Iraq? I know they did, and so do a majority of the American people at this point.

  8. Ronald Kessler over at goes into detail about Wright’s racism.

    As to Obama’s comments, well Fox News reported this from a radio interview Obama did:

    As to Bush lying, one can’t know what is written on the hearts of men so unless you and the American people are mind readers you really don’t know Bush’s motivation or that he lied.

  9. LOL…”NewsMax” is not real news…neither is Fox “News” of course…both are Right-wing sites through & through.

    Taking Obama’s comment about the grandmother that *raised him*, the one that he dedicated his nomination night win to, does not make Obama a racist. Ferraro’s comments were just dumb…she’s a has-been as well. The “racist” smears against Obama are a silly act of desperation on the part of the Right-wing that can’t stand the idea of black man in the White House.

    I love this quote:
    “the media love to focus on Romney’s religion, which is not relevant to how he would perform as president.”

    But, it’s OK to focus on Obama’s former church…lol…sure… Ever disagree with something that someone has said in your church? If so, you & Obama have a lot in common. Equating Willie Horton & Rev Wright was the kicker for me in that bogus NewsMax “article”.

    “As to Bush lying, one can’t know what is written on the hearts of men so unless you and the American people are mind readers you really don’t know Bush’s motivation or that he lied.”

    If telling falsehoods over & over & over…Al-Qaeda was linked with Iraq, Iraq was linked with 9/11, Iraq has WMDs that they are willing to give to terrorists, etc., etc….isn’t lying, then I dunno what is. We know Bush’s motivation full well at this point…

  10. “But, it’s OK to focus on Obama’s former church”

    I hate to step into this argument, but I keep seeing this come up everywhere and I have been dying to respond…

    If a candidate went to a church where the pastor said inflammatory things about homosexuals you can be damn sure that liberals would be having a complete fit about it. It would matter.

    How is it any different when Obama’s pastor of 20 years says inflammatory things about whites and about America?

    Answer: it’s not.

  11. You simply can’t cite articles that complain about people spending too much time on Romney’s faith (which I agree with BTW), and then attack Obama for going to a church that you all find to be “different”. If you want to go there, then we CAN bring up all the Right-wing pastors that McSame chose to go out of his way to court & get political endorsements from. They actually ARE anti-gay.

    I see this kind of nonsense all over the web now, and it’s not going to work on anywhere near enough people to win this election. Do yourselves a favor and focus on Obama’s political positions, not on what someone that he knew or might have known or who might live in his neighborhood might have said a while back, etc., etc.. Obama has left that church that all you people on the Right hate, and he didn’t believe or repeat any of the nonsense that you all keep repeating over & over.