Posted by Charity on June 23rd, 2008

Barack Obama takes credit for a bill that he didn’t even vote on in a campaign commercial.


Some people are taking the angle that since he has no record, he has to make one up, but it seems like there is something more to this. Why would a campaign that has otherwise been run very smoothly do something so monumentally stupid?

Unless that campaign is not as good as people say.

Who knows, but this just seems like a pointless error. It’s not that hard to scrutinize a record that is less than 4 years long.

6 Responses to “Obama Commercial Contains False Info on Record”

  1. Scratch a little deeper then the blog surface and a more nuanced reality appears:

    “The only national law in Obama’s ad is the one that “extended health care for wounded troops,” and it’s dubious whether he can claim full responsibility for that one. H.R. 4986, which became public law 110-181 in 2008, includes provisions from several Obama-sponsored bills. His ideas made it into law, but Obama was not a sponsor or cosponsor of H.R. 4986 itself.”

    So yeah … any claim to “I passed” laws by any politician is BS, but the truth is Obama did work on the very issues you’re claiming he had nothing to do with.

    Here’s hoping the same level of honesty expectation will be applied across the board, because when done so in a consistent and intellectually honest manner … it is very positive.

  2. Not only that, but Charity, where are all your criticisms of the endless McCain flip-flops and falsehoods… Oh, that’s right, “conservative intellectual consistency”…. silly me.

  3. I have not been able to blog much lately, JD, but it is no secret that I do not like McCain. I have to accept the fact that we are stuck with such a crappy nominee before I can blog about him. I am still in denial…

  4. Charity, I don’t like Obama either, in that he’s too moderate. And he will win, but that doesn’t keep me from criticizing him. It’s not just the candidate you’re in denial about; it’s your whole philosophy. It’s not appealing to forward thinking people anywhere. A majority of Americans do not want to live in some libertarian wasteland where anything goes.

  5. While I would agree that a “libertarian wasteland” isn’t desireable, I doubt the majority of Americans think that gay marriage, abortion, swarms of illegal aliens, and gun control are examples of positive policies from so-called “forward thinking people.” In fact stepping backward might be just what this country needs.

  6. “In fact stepping backward might be just what this country needs.”

    Wow, the honest conservative philosophy, in a nutshell. Aside from the fact that it’s not and has never been human nature to move backwards, I don’t know what to say about it., other than it’s pathetic and you are a tiny, fearful man.

    Yes, “forward thinking people” don’t believe in discriminating against gay people, or mandating childbirth, or letting some dumbass have a machine gun because he has a tiny pecker. Sorry to burst your bubble, NP. Marriage is a civil contract. “Traditional marriages” had nothing to do with love, they were arranged and often steeped in economics. You have no rational (and by “rational”, that chucks out the religious argument, as no one is making churches do gay marriages, we are a nation of the laws of men, not god, and religion isn’t rational to begin with) argument to prevent gay people from getting married.