Posted by Charity on September 25th, 2008

Gee, I have to ask, if Sarah Palin is so darn unqualified to be vice president, then why does the left have to make up things to criticize her about?

At some point, I would love to do a full run-down of all of the anti-Palin untruths, and there are many, but for now, I’ll leave you with this one.

But first, there, their, and they’re are three words that sound the same, but have different meanings. You should always be careful to use the right one – especially if you are a news transcriptionist during a nasty election.

In an interview with Katie Couric, Gov. Sarah Palin was asked to explain why being governor of a state that borders Canada and Russia enhances her foreign policy credentials.

She replied, “Well, it certainly does because our — our next door neighbors are foreign countries, there in the state that I am the executive of.”

But the transcript, at least on HuffPo, reads, “They’re in the state that I am executive of.”

Bloggers are jumping all over this as the latest example of Palin’s incompetence.

She thinks Russia and Canada are in Alaska!

No, if she did, she would not consider it relevant foreign policy experience.

Even an English professor and novelist is not immune from committing his own language gaffe.

They’re in the state that I am executive of. Highly reassuring, you’ve gotta think, for those who thought Johnny Mac went off half-cocked with this pick.

Speaking of going off half-cocked, you might want to listen to the audio on that, Phil. It’s right there on your site.

It is pretty clear what she is saying. She barely pauses between “countries” and “there.”

Just remember, there-their-they’re are commonly confused, even by professionals.

Perhaps more often than the confusion over FDR’s 1929 TV address.

I have to ask, do we really want to get into a whose VP is more stupid contest?

Didn’t think so.

13 Responses to “Oops! They’re At It Again!”

  1. Could you please give some examples for this assertion:

    Bloggers are jumping all over this as the latest example of Palin’s incompetence.
    She thinks Russia and Canada are in Alaska!

    Comments, of course, don’t count.


  2. Well, I linked to and quoted one. I found several more via Google blog search. You can search for yourself, but here are a few.

    I am not sure why comments don’t count; that is where all of the crazies come out!

  3. The point is that she’s never even been to Russia or apparently outside of North America yet. This week was the first time that she’s ever met with ANY foreign leaders.

    Biden is certainly a pompous ass for sure…one that believes in his own ego. It’s one of the main reasons that I don’t like him. He thinks he knows waaaay more than he actually does. However, in terms of qualifications to be VP, I’m sorry, but he wins hands down. Just wait until the VP debate…he’s going to know the issues that are brought up backwards & forwards…Palin has a looong way to go…

  4. “The point is that she’s never even been to Russia or apparently outside of North America yet.”

    Actually, she went to Kuwait to visit the troops in July of 2007, so she has been outside of North America.

    “This week was the first time that she’s ever met with ANY foreign leaders.”

    In May 2007, Vladimir Yetylin, a Russian politician from the province of Chukotka, met in Anchorage with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. They talked about the struggles of the Arctic’s native people and the possibility of Palin visiting the other side of the Bering Strait. Link


  5. Yawn.

    Like I said, you people practically worship incompetence and idiocy. But at least she’s protected from witchcraft.

    Kind of funny, you pointing out “asinine, untrue things bloggers say,”, considering it’s primarily your stock and trade. Wait a sec. It’s not funny. You’re really getting desperate. When does the cognitive dissonance finally lead to a meltdown?

  6. “the province of Chukotka” eh? Sounds like a big time meeting for sure…not…

  7. ‘There’ or ‘They’re’ is hardly the point. Being near a border has nothing to do with foreign policy. We live near Canada too. So what?

    I believe the word she was groping for after that was “caricature.”

  8. I’ve been to Europe three times and I met the Dalai Lama in India. I checked out Kathmandu Nepal on that trip too. I’ve also been to Canada and Mexico. I’m the son of an immigrant and the husband of another immigrant. In high school I attended the Governors Institute on International Affairs and the Model UN. Plus, my state shares a border with a foreign country!

    Can I be vice-president?

  9. Haik, I’d vote for you!

    It’s true that “there” and “they’re” are hardly the point, yet that is the point that some people are making. Heck, that was the main point VDB chose to emphasize. There are so many valid criticisms to be made that I do not get why they focus on this trivial stuff that, in this case, kind of makes them looks them look foolish.

    JD, what have I said that’s untrue?

  10. You show five examples, only one of which (a non-political blog) makes the point you claim of “jumping all over this,” and even he mentions it only as a joking reference.

    Sure, all of them quote the incorrect transcript, but as you admit they’re-there-their are commonly confused, and 4 of the 5 bring up the point to illustrate how stupid her claim of foreign policy experience through proximity is…

    I’m just sick and tired of so much phony outrage over made-up indignities.

  11. I believe your assessment of my examples is wrong, but I don’t have the time to look at each one right now. I have to go.

    I just wanted to jump in and say that this is not “phony outrage.” There is no outrage here. (Life is way to short to get “outraged” at something so meaningless.)

    I just wanted to highlight the stupidity of the angles of attack some people are taking with Palin. There is so much to legitimately criticize! Why is the left taking up such trivial issues? That was my point.

    I am moving on. If you think I exaggerated the number of bloggers talking about this (even though I did not use a number), then whatever. You win. This is certainly not worth any more discussion in my view.

  12. I ended up having a few extra minutes, so I thought I would add…

    Canada and Russia are IN Alaska?

    I knew Alaska was a big state, but how do you fit a foreign country in a state? I’m very confused

    Sarah, a foreign country CAN’T be in your state!

    Also, I do count the highlighting, reiterating in quotes, and linking of that specific line as “jumping all over this.” That is the line that is being focused on and ridiculed.

    There are so many other things she can be taken to task on.

    Okay, now I’m done.

  13. The larger point is that this is much like the mendacious cries that the “media is liberal” (despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary) which has become accepted as a truism by so many in our illustrious press corps.

    We agree that there is much to “legitimately criticize” about Palin; but I think your umbrage was feigned, as is often the case amongst conservatives (eg: “Lipstick on a pig”). The Kiwi blog was the only one of the original five that made the mocking point, but thanks for the other 2. I guess that now qualifies as a landslide of derision.

    As to the overall interview with Couric? I think a comment from Balloon-Juice put it best:

    I’m still in shock over how terrible the Palin/Couric interview was. “Train wreck” is being charitable – it was more like a train derailing on a bridge, tumbling a thousand feet into a canyon and landing on a pile of old dynamite and gas drums. And then a jumbo jet crashed into the flaming wreckage. Followed by an earthquake that caused the whole mess to slide off a cliff into the sea, where the few miraculous survivors were eaten by sharks.