Posted by Charity on September 26th, 2008

So the surprising news this morning was that the Democrats and Bush agree on the terms of the bailout, but the Republicans are not on board.

People are shocked at this!

Conventional wisdom says that this type of bi-partisanship (Republican president, Democratic congress) means that the bill must be a good idea. So, why aren’t Republicans going along with it?

Let’s see, big government spending plan, expansion of government power… yep, sounds like Democrats. Sounds like Bush, too.

It does not sound like the conservative wing of the GOP. That is why they are blocking this.

It really is not a surprise, if you follow what conservatives are saying. The right-wing of the blogosphere has been against this thing from minute one.

Michelle Malkin has been pushing “Kill the Bailout” for days.

Newt Gingrich called the plan “just wrong.”

My only question is why did conservatives wait almost 8 years to stand up to a bad Bush policy?

Well, my other question, is this the right time?

Only time will tell.

On a wholly unrelated topic, because heaven knows we are not looking to Sarah Palin for advice on the economy – even if she did have a good idea, which I don’t doubt she if fully capable of, I am quite certain she is not ready to articulate it to the American people yet – Kathleen Parker has a column on Town Hall that expresses what we are all thinking with regard to the Sarah Palin interview cringe factor.

Parker suggests that she step aside for family reasons – isn’t that what liberals said would happen? – but I am going to withhold judgment until the debate.

I am still hoping that the October surprise is that Palin is putting on a stupid act until she gets to the debate.

Hey, I always say that conservatives are a hopeful lot.

5 Responses to “On the Bailout and Palin (But, Not Palin on the Bailout)”

  1. Hey, we agree on this one!

    I say to the Dems: Walk away. Just. Walk. Away.

    Let Boehner and McCain and Bush work on it and hammer out a deal (it’ll never happen), but at least give them a few days to flail around without them.

    Cause if the Dems go this alone, McCain will have exactly what he wants–the point you make above–to run against: Bush and the big spenders in Congress.

    Irony is not dead.

  2. I am still hoping that the October surprise is that Palin is putting on a stupid act until she gets to the debate.

    Sounds like you’re souring on Palin.

    About the burnout, er, bailout…Bernie is not so keen on it either.

    Can I go out on a limb here and say that when it comes to raising small children, men and women really do have differences? For one- I don’t know Palin is breastfeeding her baby (if it is her baby) but I do know that that is not an option for Todd Palin… Uh, I think I’ll stop there.

  3. “why aren’t Republicans going along with it?”

    Honestly, I think it’s their blind, religious worship of “the market”.

    I personally think that this massive bailout is an excellent chance to reset the table in the business world. CEOs really, really don’t have to make multiple, mutiple, mutiple times the amount of money that their employees do, the market that developed for mortgage-backed securities (which were backed by pools of shaky mortgages) really doesn’t need to exist, predatory lending practices…just look at the rates (~99.9%!) that were offered for the so-called “payday loans” that have cripped thousands (including many military personnel)…really don’t need to exist, and much of our system which is based on hand-to-mouth credit (at extremely high interest rates) doesn’t need to exist IMHO.

    The term “subprime” refers to loans that don’t meet Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines in the first place! According the Wall Street Journal of all places, in 2006 61% of all borrowers receiving subprime loans had credit scores high enough to qualify for prime conventional loans. Many subprime borrowers also took out ARMs, which were pushed heavily by the former Fed chairman & the Bush Regime.

    “My only question is why did conservatives wait almost 8 years to stand up to a bad Bush policy?”

    This really isn’t rocket science Charity. GWB has a horrible approval rating and pretty much zero credibility on anything at this point. He’s literally the proverbial boy that cried wolf too much. Why would *anyone* assume that he’s telling the truth about anything?? The Congressional Republicans are up for election in November…GWB isn’t.

    “I am still hoping that the October surprise is that Palin is putting on a stupid act until she gets to the debate.”

    Wow, keep hope alive eh?

  4. I think the House Republicans would have done whatever was in opposition to what the House Dems were doing. If the Dems rejected this assinine bailout … the Reps would have been gung ho for it.

    They have shown an incredible inability to think for themselves ever since Ronald “blame it all on a mythical welfare queen” Reagan got into office. I see no reason to believe they’ve somehow magically come up with a sense of self.

  5. Hey, Peter Welch apparently agrees with the GOP for once…utter insanity…