Posted by Charity on November 12th, 2008

I have nothing to blog about today. Well, that’s not quite true, but since I am not going to say anything about what I think the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress will do come January, I have a two month down period of sorts. I want to use this time to do some more philosophical posts, but those take time and thought and I am too tired from staying up late watching TV, of all things. If you don’t know me, that might not be significant, but if you do, you know that is very uncommon for me.

First, we watched the episode of Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles from Monday. We actually record it on a VHS tape. Can you imagine? We are like relics from the Stone Age or something.

That show totally kicks. I can’t believe it is a series; it’s totally movie quality. And it has taken the Terminator franchise from cheesy sci-fi movie to pure awesomeness. I know the sequels took it beyond the original, but the show just brings it to another level.

So, after that was over, we got drawn into a documentary about Lee Atwater on Frontline on PBS, called Boogie Man:The Lee Atwater Story. It was really good. Atwater was just before my time, so I didn’t know a lot about him or the election of George H. W. Bush. Bob said that he remembered the election of 1988, though, and it was really nasty. (He voted for Dukakis – can you freaking believe it?)

The first presidential election I was old enough to vote in was 1996. Yes, I voted for Dole. I was old enough to vote in 1994, though. That was a good year to be a Republican. 2008, not so much.

So, what’s on your minds today? Consider this an open thread.

3 Responses to “Random Thoughts, Open Thread”

  1. The Duke even busted out the ’son of a Greek immigrant’ line during his Frontline interview.
    That was a riot!
    It was funny to see a young W too. Will Ferrell really nailed his impersonation of him.

  2. The Duke…didn’t get elected because, well far be it from me to offend Bob or anybody else but Damn! He didn’t have the Stuff or the support of the millions of voters it takes to get elected. Or was it rigged? Honestly Dukakis? It’s really simple and most folks know it but either have forgotten or don’t want to admit it. The world is ran by a few huge circles, companies, etc…call them what you will. And this whole Democrat vs Repulican thing is killing me. Being President of the “free world” used to mean something, stand for something but now he/she is a pawn in a game that even they don’t really understand. The sad part is the rest of the world watch us fight amongst ourselves and laugh, shake there heads and now try to kill us on our US soil.

    I am very concerned for America…all Americans regardless of belief, color and or sexual preference. How can we defend ourselves when we are continually shooting our own wounded.

    The truth is we are one race…the human race.

  3. SO you got post election burnout, Charity? Join the club.